Sharing The Erotic



My journey into this world of what I came to call Conscious Sexuality began with massage.

There’s a beautiful journey of exploration that goes from curiosity to interest, interest to fascination, fascination to wonder, wonder to awe.

When we get to this, awe, we see the Divine in the body, in all that it can do, in the way it looks, smells, tastes, hears, sees, and feels.

Endless, unlimited.

A journey of discovery that takes us deeper and deeper, layers that reveal layers that reveal layers.

There’s a beautiful practice for this journey, curiosity, interest, fascination, wonder, awe. I’ll share it at the end of this piece. A practice for you, and how to share this with your lover.

I have been doing and teaching massage and touch for about 30 years, the past 20 focusing on the sensual, the sexual, the erotic.

This is a journey into all that we are, into body, mind, heart, energy and spirit.

It’s connected to every aspect of our bring, and so much of who we are, what we do, is reflected in that space.

I say unlimited and endless because the discovery, the exploration, the experience keeps showing us more. More about sensation, more about energy, more about intimacy, more about intuition, more about creativity, more about how we work, more about what’s inside of us, more about our skin, more about our nervous system, more about how everything inside of us talks to itself, more about how it’s connected to life.

And more about the mystery of what happens when we touch, when we are touched. Beyond the explanations of muscles, nerves, bones, chemicals, something happens.

And when there’s love and pleasure, something even more happens.

This time, this lock down, this change of our world has allowed me to touch in different ways. I’ve always written a lot, and I love these platforms of sharing.

The webinars have given another different space and way to share.

Then there’s energy, not limited to time or space.

With an intention, with an open heart and a breath, I can feel you, I can touch you. It’s a different touch, another dimension of possibility.


I wrote a series of pieces called The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist. They’re about different aspects of this world. Ideas, learnings, understandings, questions, possibilities, even some practices.

I put them all together to share with you, here’s the link:


This is the link for the webinar on Heart-Centred Sexuality, there was some deep sharing, learning, exploring, expressing: (Access Password: c4*25C.t)


This week’s webinar is The Art of Sex.


Thurs, 23rd April, 8 pm, CAT, R450, US$ 25.


Includes a free download of The Ultimate Blow-Job and Sensual Massage DVD’s.


Everything you ever wanted to ask about sex, now you can!

This is a sexual technique workshop that goes into master-class territory.

Includes a free download of The Ultimate Blow-Job and Sensual Massage DVD’s.

We don’t get a lot of education for pleasure, and a big part of that is how-to.

We’ll start with talking about the intention of a pleasure experience and why this is important, then expand into, well, whatever you like. We’ll talk about oral sex, for men and women, positions, the art of f***ing, swinging, threesomes, anal play, kink and fetish, sexual communication, you ask the questions, we’ll talk about it.

Booking essential, contact, 083 7435 129


And here’s the practice…


Look at your hand.


Start where your thumb and wrist meet, let your eyes move up your thumb, round the top, down the side, the space between your thumb and index finger, slowly. Be present by breathing, by seeing your hand. Trace the outline of every finger, your palm, the valleys, the rises, the curves, the lines, the back of your hand, your wrist…

Let your gaze extend to your arm, your shoulder, your chest, your belly, everywhere on your body, maybe using a mirror.

Be with the feelings, be with the thoughts, be with the sensations.

Be aware of how present you are.

You’re just looking at yourself, with curiosity.

Where does it take you?

Can you get lost for a moment in the shape of your hand, the curve of your fingers?

When you’re done, with just your hand, your face, your body, whenever it’s enough for you, close your eyes, feel, be with yourself.


When you do this with your partner it’s a practice of reverence, of acknowledgment, of deep intimacy and love.

Presence is the key.

In presence they’ll feel your eyes, they’ll feel you.

Start anywhere on their body and let your eyes slowly look.

Allow yourself to receive this from your partner.


I Wish You So Much Pleasure!