She Got Fire



She got fire.

From deep in the earth.

From the volcano that burns in the deep of the ocean.

From the stars that give birth to worlds.

She got fire.

In her eyes, in her words, in her belly.

In her sex, she got fire.

In her heart, fire, her heart is fire.

And it burns.

It burns within.

It burns in love, in desire, in anger.

It burns in her words, in her touch, in her passion.

She got fire.

Ancient fire.

The fire of eternal woman.

Sacred fire.

The fire of creation.

She got fire.

It’s a fire of truth, that’ll burn everything else away.

It runs in her blood.

And she’ll bleed for it.

She’ll bleed for love.

She’ll bathe you in her blood.

And in the fire you’ll be reborn, again and again.

She got fire.

She got love.


There’s something that many women I’m working with at the moment, and over all the years I’ve been doing this work, are experiencing.

It’s a message that sometimes is given subconsciously, as part of our world.

And often it’s overt and direct.


Don’t be too much.

Don’t be too strong.

Don’t be too powerful.

Don’t be too loud, don’t be too passionate, don’t ask for too much.

Be acceptable, so someone, mostly a man, will want you.

Good girls behave like this, like ladies.

Good girls do this.

Anything else is too much, slutty, unacceptable.

It’s patterning and conditioning that runs deep.

It’s done so for generations, far too many.


And it’s about fire.

You can’t burn too bright, you can’t burn too hot.

There can’t be too much fire.

There can’t be too much of you.

Show yourself in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest.

In a sanitized way.

Be a good girl.


This is the time when the world needs the fullness of you, of us, all of us.

It’s about energy, about frequency.

When we make ourselves less, when we keep parts of ourselves hidden, locked away, the energy is dense, it trickles.

The river of life, of vitality, of creativity, of juiciness, becomes sluggish.

The fire burns low.


It’s there, in your body, in your heart.

In your Divine Sexuality, the Sexuality of Life.

It’s in your throat, it’s in your voice, it’s in your eyes, it’s in your hands, it’s in your belly.

And it’s in your breasts, in your Yoni, in your back.

It’s in your feet that stand firm on the earth.

It’s in your dance with life.

It’s in your love, your passion, every way you express yourself.

It’s in the power of creation that brings forth this world.

It’s in the open arms of possibility.


Don’t be less, none of us.

That’s not love.

It’s not love for ourselves, it’s not love for each other, it’s not love for life.

The fire of love is the fire that burns away all that keeps us from our hearts.

From a heart that feels the pulsation of life.

From a body open to share in abandon.

From hands that hold and shape and craft.

From eyes that look at life and see the sacred.


We talk about The Goddess, and even in this, so often we want to box her, make her neat, tidy.


There’s a fire there.

A fire that will burn away the acceptable for all of her to be alive.

Her tears, her anger, her despair, her frustration, her pain, her loneliness.

All of her.

And her love, so much love that it brings us to our knees, opens us to infinite possibility.


She got fire.

It’s time to burn.