Sitting With Love


I sat alone in the night and I asked Love to come and sit with me.


I know Love in all its exquisite savagery, in all its terrible beauty.


I know the gentleness and tenderness of Love, its warmth and safety.


I know the home that Love brings, the belonging.


I know the caress of Love that touches my skin and goes deep inside of me.


I know the peace of Love, the stillness of the place between breaths that seems eternal.


I know the surprise of Love, unexpected, unawaited, inconvenient.


I know the Love that rips my heart, my being, to shreds, with its presence and its passing.


I know the Love that demands the depths of me, taking me beyond the light into the places unexplored.


I know the Love that is a whirlwind, leaving me gasping for breath as it churns my very existence into a swirling maelstrom.


I know the Love that is a fire, burning my flesh away to reveal the core of my being.


I know the Love that washes me clean, that heals me, that restores me with its celestial song.


I know the Love that is a warrior, bloody from the battlefield of life.


I know the Love that is mystical, transcendent, glorious.


I know the passion of Love, unquenchable in its craving.


I know these expressions of Love, and I know that Love has more, yet more to show me than I can yet conceive.


So Love came and sat beside me in the night.


We laughed, we cried, we sat in the silence of communion.


And as the light began to turn the sky pale, Love spoke in words quiet in my heart.


I am within you.


In every moment, in every breath, I am within you.


I am woven into all of life, and yet not all eyes will see me.


Go into your heart, open your heart, breath into your heart.


And from your heart I will be in you, in your life.


Through you will I be, as you will be, Love.