Sleeping Together





We have a lot of euphemisms for sex.

The most popular one is ‘they slept together’. As I understand it, there’s a difference, a big difference between having sex and sleeping.

Which made me think of something.

In the world of healing, growth and consciousness the phrase ‘waking up’ is used extensively.

And many of us are waking up in many aspects of life. We’re becoming more aware of energy, of health, of eating, of different ways of having relationships, different ways of being with money, more aware of the possibilities of life.

And yet sexually many of us are asleep. We are sleeping with someone, even though we’re having sex.

We’re having sex as an expression of a pattern, we do the same thing in the same way.

We’re having sex with the limited goal of orgasm. Not that there’s anything wrong with orgasms, it simply limits the possibilities of pleasure.

We’re having sex that is often not an expression of the authenticity of our pleasure being, of the fullness of who we are.

We’re having sex with myth, misinformation and misunderstanding.

We’re having sex with guilt and shame and embarrassment.

We’re having sex to please others, were having unfulfilled sex, we’re having painful sex, we’re feeling sexual pressure, we don’t know how to communicate about sex.

We’re sexually asleep.

The amount of sexual issues and problems isn’t decreasing, just the opposite.

As many women as ever are struggling to have orgasms. More men are being effected by erection and early ejaculation. Stress is impacting on more people’s libidos than ever before.

More people are using porn as a asexual substitute than ever before.

More people are suffering from a lack of intimacy, a loss of connection, less touch and love than ever before.

It’s time to wake up.

To become more conscious of our sexuality, of our sexual energy and its power.

And maybe the most powerful place to start is the heart.

When we connect sex and heart everything starts to change and become different.

Then we add intention. Why are we having sex, what are we doing with our sexual experiences, are we choosing them consciously, do they expand us, grow us, bring us closer to ourselves, to another person?

As we wake up and see more of the possibilities of pleasure, and how it impacts on every area of life we’ll learn more. We’ll see that our sexuality isn’t in a vacuum, it’s woven into the fabric of everything we do, it’s linked to our health, as out health is linked to our sexuality.  We’ll see that it’s linked to our emotional well-being, as that’s linked to our sexuality. We’ll see that it’s linked to our creativity, as our creativity is linked to everything we do.

We’ll even see how it’s linked to the work we do and…and…and…

Well start to explore the limitless possibilities of Conscious Sexuality, Neo-Tantric and Taoist practices and ideas.

We’ll be more relaxed, much more relaxed. We’ll be less stressed. We’ll have more energy. We’ll be more connected to life, to possibilities.

We’ll become more conscious.

And as everything within is connected in this incredible mystery that is us, that is life, we’ll see how becoming more sexually awake will help other parts of us awaken even more.

Fair chance we’ll become more accepting of others and the way they live as we express the fullness of our sexuality, because we’re more accepting of ourselves.

Fair chance we’ll become more curious, which is one of the most important qualities of growth, and engage more with life, because we’ll explore our inner world, our bodies and the possibilities it holds more.

And deeper.

We’ll become more aware, we’ll explore what does it mean to be a man, a woman in the world today, how do we express those energies in our lives?

Power, where do we feel it, where do we lack it, how do we do anything we can to feel powerful, and how often is that at the expense, the abuse of another?

We’ll see how many of the limiting beliefs of our lives can change, as we look at the limitations and inhibitions we accepted as part of our programming and conditioning. If I can change my sexual beliefs, that are often passed down generationally, I can change my beliefs about myself, about money, about other people, about work, about love, about the life I can live.

There’s more, so much more.

As our eyes open a little wider, as our hearts open a little more, as we wake up to the beautiful, powerful energy of our sexuality and its myriad expressions, we’ll wake up more to life.

And being more awake we’ll be amazed at the world just beyond our thoughts, just beyond the experience of our bodies. And each experience, each thought, each exploration, each conversation will show us more of the amazing, transformational power of our sexuality.