Slow Union


There’s a practice I teach called Slow Union.

Over time this practice reveals almost endless gifts to us as it releases that which prevents us going deep into pleasure and the myriad, mystical, magical gifts we find there.

Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down.

In the slowness is feeling.

In the slowness is sensation.

In the slowness is being.

In the slowness is presence.

In the slowness is intimacy.

In the slowness the layers open to take us deeper and deeper into pleasure.

In a world of increasing speed and busy-ness we have, or rather we make, less time for ourselves, our relationships, and even less time for love and pleasure.

In this we miss out on so many of the gifts that this space has for us.

SLOW UNION takes us to that space.

It’s deep, intimate and connecting.

It’s relaxing.

It opens and moves sexual energy within us.

It takes us deep into ourselves, which allows us to go deep into another.

In this, and creating a ritual space, and bringing ourselves to presence and intention, it becomes sacred.

In its melting into the sensation, into the feelings, into the energy, it takes us beyond doing sex into sexual being.

It’s a doorway, a portal to the field of ecstasy.

And it’s a beautiful expression of making love.

Here’s how.

Create a sensual space, bring the elements that are important to you together.

Lubricant will be important for SLOW UNION.

Greet your lover, look into each other’s eyes.

Connect your hearts.

There can be as much kissing, touching, preparation as you’d like.

You’ll try different positions, for an extended experience the man on top may be best.

Keep eye contact throughout the time, so much intimacy and connection happens here.

You breathe together.

Each stroke is a breath.

As you slide in, breathe in.

As you slide out, breathe out.

The slower you move, the deeper you breathe, the more you’ll feel, the deeper into the energy you’ll move.

That’s all it is.

If anything, move slower, breathe deeper.

There’s no goal, there’s nowhere to go.


Be present.

Be in the energy, be in the sensations, be in the emotions.

Be in the love.

Be in the pleasure.