Slowly, Deeply…


So many of us are looking for more pleasure, deeper connection and intimacy as well as a greater experience of sexual energy.

One of the most beautiful, powerful and simple ways to have this experience is to slow down.

That’s all.


Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down.

Go deeper into sensation.

Go deeper into feeling.

Go deeper into the energy.

Go deeper into intimacy.

Go deeper into presence.

By slowing down.

Slow your breath.

To feel every breath moving in and out of your body. To drink your lover’s breath in. To feel it’s warm essence as it spreads through your body.

Slow your kiss.

To feel their mouth on yours. To taste your lover. To know the texture of their lips, their tongue.

Slow your touch.

To feel, to feel, to feel.

To feel the pulsation of their life through their skin. To travel the curves, the planes, the valleys of their body.

Slow your entering her Yoni.

To feel with your Lingam, the endless journey within your lover.

Slow your opening.

To feel your Yoni receive the fullness of your lover.

Slow your moving.

To feel the heat. To feel the membranes of separation melt. To feel the liquid alchemy.

Slow your moving.

To feel your heart and your lover’s. To allow the gentle fire to spread throughout your body.

Slow your orgasm.

To melt in pleasure. To disappear in each other.

To allow love to flow through you.

To allow love to make you.

To allow pleasure to fill you.

To be…