SexTalk – Women’s Journeys

Women’s journeys of healing, growth, empowerment, expansion and exploration. What they’ve learnt about freedom, pleasure, relationships, life etc. A beautiful sharing of intimate stories.

SexTalk- Our Sexual Patterns & the Unspoken Conversations

How much of our sexuality comes from our parents? From family? These are the things we don’t talk about. Sonja Simak, a Constellation Facilitator, joins the team to talk about the patterns, where they come from, and how we change them.

SexTalk – Sex & Business

What can you learn from sex that will expand your business? Jonti, Tamar and their special guest, York have tips that will pleasantly surprise you and make you look at your work differently.

SexTalk – How do millennials view sex?

Jonti chats to Eric Jansen and Candice Coulsen about how millennials view sex. Is Millennial sex any different from how Gen X perceives it? Are young people more care-free and exploratory when it comes to intimacy.

SexTalk – Black Women’s Pleasure in SA

How do black women in South Africa experience sex? Can you have the difficult conversations about sex and own your own pleasure? Are you willing to take the steps toward sexual freedom?

SexTalk – A Masterclass on Self-Pleasuring

May is Masturbation Month so the team presents a masterclass on self-pleasuring. How to have more pleasure from self-play, using your sexual energy for meditation and creativity, the power of breathing, edging, anatomy and more.

SexTalk – Erotic Exploration

What excites you? Are you ashamed of it? Do you allow it to emerge, or do you deny it? Jonti and the team delve into the world of erotic exploration.

SexTalk – Female Desire

Help get Rayne to the World Pole Dancing Championship, female desire, and keeping relationships alive and exciting.

SexTalk – Live Blow Job Workshop

Learning to be a good lover is a vital part of life, and a big part of that is sexual skills. Learn the art of giving a mind-blowing blow job, and how to make this an act of pleasure and power for the giver. These techniques will give your partner incredible pleasure, and might also change the way you view oral sex forever.

SexTalk – Rope Bondage

It can be healing, it can be meditative, it can be creative and it can be so sexy and arousing… Jonti investigates the world of rope bondage.

SexTalk – Exploring Your Sexuality

Exploring your sexuality… your mind, your body, your heart, your fantasies, with others, same sex, kink, finding your pleasure being and setting them free.

SexTalk – Let’s Go Outside…

Sex in the garden, sex outdoors – games, tips, have more fun, explore, make it exciting. The show was live from the Lifestyle Home Garden.

SexTalk – Where is the Pink Rand?

Mambaonline is one of the longest running gay media platforms. We’ll hear their story and talk about how issues in the community have changed.

SexTalk – Yoni, Pleasure & Orgasms

What the yoni pleasure spots are, where they are, how to find them, how to touch them, what stops you having orgasms… it’s a different perspective on pleasure.

SexTalk – A Couple’s Journey

A couple’s journey of sexual healing, growth and exploration. An open conversation about the possibilities we can create in our pleasure and relationships.

SexTalk – Bondassage

Bondassage is the meeting of sensuality and bondage… it’s exciting, it’s healing, it’s about sexual energy and deep experiences.

SexTalk – Male Sexuality

We tend to think that when it comes to sex men are simple. The truth is that male sexuality is incredibly complex, deeply emotional and often very scary. We’ll look at some of the problems men face and how to solve them.

SexTalk – Where Do You Go To Play?

The team investigate all the different swingers’ clubs, fetish venues and spaces for adults to play and explore their sensuality and sexuality.