Taoist Sexual Rhythm


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Taoist Sexual Rhythm


One of the deepest practices that I offer and teach is Taoist Sexual Energy Massage.


It’s a full-body massage that works with the body’s meridian system, bringing healing to the entire being every time you experience it.

It’s slow, taking you into a state of deep relaxation, and gentle, allowing the relaxation to be enhanced, and making release possible.

Our sexual energy has many uses beyond pleasure, healing being one of them.

This experience builds sexual energy in the body, and keeps it within us, for the incredible intelligence within us to direct and use.


I used to talk about the balance this massage brings.

I recently came to see that the rhythm, the movement of energy it helps to create is a truer expression of Taoist Massage, and that generally rhythm may be more important than balance.

Balance can be static and rigid and precarious.

It can be easily upset.

Rhythm allows for movement and is a deeper connection to ourselves, to another, to life.


There are the rhythms of our body, of our heart, of the blood flowing within us.

The rhythm of our breath.

The rhythm of every system and process within us.

They all have a frequency, an energy that’s an expression of health, that’s based on the flow they have.


There is the rhythm of our emotions, the way they move through us, what we hold onto, what we allow to flow.


There is the rhythm that connects us to another, the flow and dance of all relationships.


There is the rhythm of the earth, our connection to that, to the seasons, to the Breath of the earth, to life.


There is the rhythm of sex, of pleasure, the tides it moves through as it moves through us.


Rhythm helps create connection, to everything that we do, everything that we are. In the synchronicity of connection there is flow, there is ease, there is grace, there is inspiration.


The way we live, our disconnect from ourselves, from so many parts of us, from the world, from nature, from others, the separation we ve come to see as a way of being takes us out of that rhythm.


The stress and trauma we experience take us out of that rhythm.


Being out of rhythm creates the blockages in our bodies, in our energy, in our lives, in our flow.


Being out of rhythm disconnects us from ourselves, and as soon as we’re disconnected from ourselves we become disconnected from others and from life.


In rhythm we understand that we’re moving between states, different energies.

There are times of more and times of less.

Times we’re more within ourselves, times we’re more in the world.

Times there is more love, more pleasure.

Times there may be more conflict.

It changes and moves, and the more we’re aware of the rhythm the more connected we become to keeping the flow.

There are many ways to do this.


Taoist Sexual Energy Massage is an experience of deep healing, pleasure, and of possibility.


Its slowness and gentleness take us into a state of relaxation, release, and restoration.

As the energy moves it connects our bodies and our minds.

It allows that which is deep within us to guide it to where it’s most needed.

The pleasure it brings enhances all else that it does.

Every time you experience this massage it’s different.

Sometimes it’s deeply emotional

Sometimes it’s deeply relaxing.

Sometimes it’s deeply arousing.

Sometimes it’s an out of body experience.

Sometimes it churns things up deep inside to come to the surface.

Sometimes it leaves you feeling so quiet words don’t come for hours after.

Sometimes it leaves your body so soft movement is a long way away.



It’s an experience where the erotic, the sensual and the spiritual come together.

It’s always a beautiful gift to yourself, of healing, of sensation, of energy, of possibility and of pleasure.



Taoist Sexual Energy Massage is available for men and women to experience and learn.


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