Teaching Massage Online




Teaching Massage Online

For a long time I have resisted teaching massage online.

Firstly I held the belief that it has to be in the same space to get the subtlety and nuance. There’s a transmission of a feeling, of an energy, that happens in the workshop space. It’s about touch, and touch needs you to be there.

Then I had the belief that it was complicated. I needed a camera person to show close-up so you’d get the detail, and so much of what I teach, the way I teach it, the detail is important.

And a few other thoughts that just kept making this difficult and complicated.

A few things happened over the past weeks to change this.

A digression…

Part of the work I do is helping people with these issues. Watching myself in this process has been fascinating, and heartening, in seeing it shift. I’ve been very creative during this lockdown time, shifting the way I work, creating meditations, visualizations, guided sensual and pleasure experiences. The energy massages have have been incredibly deep experiences.

And I held onto this,that I couldn’t teach massage online.

The healing and growth journey is constantly evolving.

When we work with compassion for ourselves, things will change, open, expand. We will grow, open, expand.

I’ve always done a lot of energy work, energy healing, energy massage, and I see the power and possibility of that every day. I’ve been doing some energy massage experiences with people around the world, they’ve been amazing.

On the webinars I’ve been doing, both facilitating and partaking, learning, I’ve felt how energy has changed in the group with some of the practices and experiences.

These are things I know, and I came to see how I’d created these resistances.

The next thing, things, were a few messages from people wanting to know if I could teach various massage practices to them, a few enquiries about Sensual Bondage Massage, Breast Massage, Sensual Touch etc.

Why not, came to the surface, and in a moment on Saturday morning, I saw how to do it.

It’ll be a little different.

And it’s possible, and I see how to make it happen.

I have a starting point, and it will develop and expand.

I love to teach massage and touch. It’s where my journey began, so much of my work is around touch.

Some of the pieces I’ve written about The Heart Touch have been read more than any other.

We need touch, need.

It’s vital for every aspect of our health and well-being.

Something magical happens when we touch, it’s a language that goes beyond words.

There’s comfort in touch, connection, safety, healing, belonging, intimacy.

And pleasure, such pleasure.

Learning to touch your lover is an art that can take you to places of expanded consciousness.

The world of touch, in every way, is limitless.

I remember reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, and how he talks about 10 000 hrs to master something.

A while ago I looked back at the time I’ve spent touching, massaging, personally and professionally, and that amount of time happened a long time ago.

And I’m still discovering and learning more.

That is so beautiful, so exciting.

On almost every massage workshop I see people doing things I never thought of.

Sometimes it’s something subtle, sometimes bigger.

Over this time of lockdown I’ve had time to think about, and learn, about the way I do, this, teach it.

And the importance of it.

Learning to touch with love, not only our partners, not only for sex, changes us. When we share these practices regularly we see the impact they have.

How much more peaceful we feel.

How much less stressed we are.

How much healthier we are.

How much more relaxed we are.

The relaxation is such a seemingly simple idea, the impact of it is huge.

How much more connected we feel, to ourselves, to another, to life.

How much more… it’s a long, long, list.

I really believe that if we all received more touch, more loving touch, and gave more, our world would be a different place.

And something else, to share.

When people come and learn to massage and touch in this way, so much healing, release, learning about themselves, happens, through doing this.


I am doing a test to see how it works.

Tues 7th July, 8 pm, CAT.

The Sensual Meditation of Touch.

A Free Webinar.

That will show you The Heart Touch, and how to use touch as a meditation.

This is a live lesson, you can do it with your partner, you can watch and learn.

Please email me for the link, jonti@eroslife.co.za

Thursday’s Webinar, 9 July, 8 pm, CAT, is an oral sex masterclass. This is for men and women, meaning it includes male bodies and female bodies. We’ll look at skills and techniques, how to expand your perspective on oral pleasure, conscious receiving, communication and more. This is R250, US$15. Please email me to book, jonti@eroslife.co.za.