The Beautiful Paradox of Being Human


There is an incredible and beautiful paradox of being human, of this life’s journey and all it brings us.


There are areas of life where we are masters, filled with knowledge, with wisdom, with understanding. And there are parts of life where we are awkward adolescents, fumbling in a strange land whose language is foreign to us.

There are moments of being God’s, filled with understanding, with compassion, with forgiveness, with acceptance. And there are moments where anger and jealousy, frustration and narrow-minded thoughts and behavior rule us.

There are moments of connection, so deep we feel the very heartbeat of the universe within us and feel life itself flowing through us. Moments where we see the web of unity and being.

And there are moments of isolation and loneliness so dark that we are lost even from ourselves.

There are moments where we soar high on a love that encompasses all. And moments where we cry out for the words, the touch of another, for their arms to hold us in the night and their body to surround us with tenderness.

There are mistakes we make, again and again,  and yes, again as we reach to grow. We stumble on our paths, bruising ourselves, skinning our bodies, hearts and souls. And there are moments when we rise to someplace where we’re different. The light has a quality that allows us to see more.

There are moments of judgment, oh so harsh, against ourselves, against another, others. Moments where in a word we destroy another.

And moments of such forgiveness where the world sighs at what we release.

There are moments where we are so small, so unworthy that we are nothing but a fading shadow in our own eyes. And there are moments where we are beyond giants, filled with vitality, with sensation, with throbbing emotion.

There are moments where we move so far from ourselves, from our hearts that we are lost, wanderers with no path, no light, no guide. And moments that are so connected we are life itself.

There are moments where we see the sacred in our bodies and in our pleasure, where our union is a prayer to all that is holy. And moments where lust drives us blindly.

And in all these moments, with awareness, with consciousness, we return to ourselves, each time a little wiser, a little stronger. Each time we understand a little more. Each time we expand a little.

And each time we love ourselves, another, others, a little more.