The Best Time


A while ago, after a Water Flow Massage, we were talking about what people had experienced in the pool, what they felt, how the experience was for them.

There were some people there who hadn’t been for a while, and they were saying how this was the best experience they’d had.


It got me thinking.


When we’re present, when we’re in this moment, when we’re connected to ourselves, when we’re open, when we’re in a space of intimacy, with ourselves, more than anything else, this moment is the best there is.

And it’s never about comparing anything.

This moment is everything.


When you’re with your lover and your feeling your body and theirs.

When you’re feeling your breath move and out of your body.

When you’re drinking their breath in.

When your aware of every place your skin touches theirs, and theirs touches yours.

When your in the emotions you’re experiencing.

When you’re present in the sensations moving through you.

When you’re aware of the energy within you, between you, around you.

When all that exists in that moment is you, both of you.

That’s the best moment there is, it’s the only moment there is.


The next moment, the next experience, may be different.

Tomorrow will be different, because you’re different.

Your energy is different.

Your body chemistry is different.

Your emotions are different.

And when you’re feeling what your feeling, in every way, this is the best moment, it’s every moment.


It takes a great deal for us to be so present, for many of us it’s a lifelong journey.

It’s a practice.

And the more we practice it, the more of a way of being it becomes.


Sensuality, touch, sexuality, are a beautiful way to practice being more present.

They’re about our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our breath, our energy.

They’re about sensation and emotion.

And the more they’re about this moment, the more they’re about possibility.


Whether it’s slow and deep and tender.

Whether it’s the fire of blood pounding in your body.

Whether it’s a feather or a flogger.

Whether it’s your hands or your mouth.

Whether it’s a massage that goes on for ever.

They’re all you, all expressions of you.


And in presence the power of all of these is amazing, to takes us deep, deeper, deeper, into ourselves, into another.


This moment.

This beautiful, human moment, in all its expressions of pleasure, this is the best moment there is.