The Choice For Pleasure


There are many paths on this journey, teachings drawn from ancient principles and teachings created in our times.

There are 2 paths of healing in the world.

The first is based in pain, sexual, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual…

This is what brings so many people to a healing journey, in whatever way they choose.

We have a pain, and we want it fixed.

And there comes a time when the pain is too great for us not to do anything about it. The lack of fulfillment reaches a point where we have to do something.

For many of us this has been building over time, sometimes a long time. We’ve known it was there, we’ve lived with it until the discomfort has become too great.

When we want to fix the pain, if that’s all we want, we may choose a path where the pain is the focus, where the past is the focus. Everything we do is compared to the pain, is it less, is it easier, is it better. The pain becomes the center of the journey.

It based on a pattern.

The pattern of our bodies, the pattern of our minds, the pattern of our energy, the pattern of our beliefs and the pattern of our experiences.

And the complexity of us humans is that these are all entwined,they’re all connected and manifest in our lives, our loves and our sexuality.

If we’re focusing on the past we’re limiting the possibilities of this journey. If we’re focusing on the past, we’re often not looking at the fullness of ourselves, of how our sexuality is connected to other aspects of our being and vice versa. We’re looking at our sexuality in a little box that’s isolated from the wholeness of us.

The other path is the path of possibility.

It’s looking towards creating experiences and relationships, lives of fulfillment, exploration, depth and Intimacy.

It’s about expanding our patterns, widening our perceptions, opening to new perspectives.

It’s about connecting different parts of ourselves to our sexuality.

It’s about seeing our sexuality in the context of the fullness of who we are.

It’s about where we’ve come from, and it’s more about where we’d like to go, the experiences, relationships and lives we’d like to live.

It’s about going beyond the mediocre, beyond the porn and media driven model of sex into the juicy parts of the uncomfortable unknown.

It’s about picking the fruit from the tree that has its roots in deep and dark places.

It’s about biting into this strange offering of our nature and relishing it, savoring it, letting it run down our chins and over our bodies.

It’s connecting to the wild within us.

It’s connecting to the earth, to the sun, to the sea, to the sky, to the wind, to the fire.

It’s connecting to our dance and our song, in all the myriad ways they express themselves.

And it’s connecting to the mystery.

As we go on this journey, as we go deeper into ourselves, into sexuality, into possibility, we see how all of our life is the same.

As we heal, change, learn, grow expand into sexuality, we do the same with all of our lives.

Conscious Sexuality.

Our sexual past does not have to be our sexual future.

We choose…