The Choices We Make


The Choices We Make

And A Free Webinar


When I created the logo and slogan for ErosLife I wanted it to represent a Path of Pleasure; A Path of Possibility.

Possibility for me is about choice, about awareness.

It’s about moving from auto-pilot to consciousness.

Brice Lipton talks about us only being conscious for about 5% of the day. So if we’re awake for around 16 hrs, it means we’re spending the smallest amount of that time actually choosing to really engage.


And at the moment we’re being called on to make choices.

Choices on how to live.

Choices on what to believe.

Choices on what to feel.

I certainly don’t know what you should choose.

I think what is important is to be aware of where we’re making those choices from.

Love or fear, hype or realism.

Much of the media, and social media, thrives on panic and hysteria. Anybody can publish anything.

It’s important to be thoughtful about what we read, and what we take from it.

It’s important to be aware.

And maybe that’s the possibility in that, simply to be more aware.

Simply here is a big word, because of how it can take us into ourselves, into our beliefs, into how we live, into our relationships, into our pleasure, into our work.

And just look at it, look at ourselves, with honesty.

See what is.

And from there connect with our hearts, become aware of how we live with love, for ourselves, for others, for life. What are the choices we make as an expression of that. And I think it calls us to look at what we call spirituality. Not anyone’s dogma, not anyone’s glib answers, not everything is light.

Look for ourselves, in ourselves.

And make choices for us, for our families, our lovers, for each other, from what love really is. And to look at what that is for us.

I teach a workshop for Couples called Eros Connection. One of the principles of this is that intimacy is one of the elements that holds a relationship together. All that I can do on this is talk about some of the elements of intimacy, without ever defining it. As soon as any teacher gives a definition of intimacy we tend to accept that that’s what it is.

I’m going to digress for a moment here. I wrote last week about not having had a sexual encounter with another for almost a year. One of the reasons for that is intimacy. Without that deep connection, for me, sex has an emptiness, a lack. I’ve experienced moments of incredible intimacy with life. A few moments with another that never became sexual.

The point is that we need to define intimacy for ourselves. And to know that what we think it to be today may change tomorrow, as we change.

The same with love, so maybe not such a digression.

And maybe that’s the possibility at the moment.

What do we see love as, how do we express that in the moment, and how much do we love ourselves?

How do we practically live that today?

What are the possibilities in that?


I’d like to remain as accessible as possible, as I think this is a great opportunity for internal journeys, for doing our work.

And I’ve seen people make the most extraordinary changes in their lives at the moment. The intensity in the world is allowing for such depth of healing, release and growth.


And to share some of this I’d like to offer a free Self-Pleasuring Webinar on Thurs 19th March, 7 pm CAT.

If you’d like to join please email me,, I’ll send you the Zoom link.


And as always, I wish you so much pleasure, such possibility.