I love it when a word opens a whole concept.


It’s taking a moment to savour.

In this moment, the coffee, the pastry, which is an almond croissant.

To savour the taste, the aroma, the texture.

The sounds around me, the feel of a breeze on my skin.

To breathe this in.

To savour is to be present, to slow down for a moment.

To savour is to be sensual, aware, alive.

To savour is to feel.

To savour a moment, with someone, a touch, a kiss, a conversation.

To savour is a micro-practice of presence.

To savour is to be in the moment, in the feeling, and to be aware of it at the same time.

There’s appreciation in savouring, there’s gratitude in savouring.

Savouring allows us to explore subtlety, nuance, of our senses. Savouring is a way to go deeper.

To savour our feelings allows us to experience them without a judgement, to feel the qualities that are present.

With a lover, to savour an experience is to feast on a banquet of sensual delights, to become aware of how many aspects, elements, there are, in this moment.

To savour is to experience beauty, not as a judgement, as a quality.

It’s a gift of life, to learn to savour.

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