The Craziness of Healing


The healing journey is crazy!

It’s an inner journey, a deep journey that takes you to places within yourself that on time will question everything you know, everything you think, and everything you think you know.

And you’ll know that you know so much less than you think, and at the same time more.

In a way that you often have no words for.

It’s a journey of mystery, and the more you accept that the crazier you feel, and the saner you feel.

It’s often been said that this is a journey through insanity to sanity.

And if we look at our world, if we look at the mediocrity and it’s celebration, if we look at the acceptance of so much, we have to ask where sanity really lies?

It’s a journey that’s constant. It’s never I am healed! There is a point at which healing becomes growth, becomes expansion, becomes creativity, becomes connection, becomes possibility. Before that it’s often the pain. That’s what drives most of us there in the first place.

And we go deeply into that.

So deeply that in time we come to celebrate it, because of the gifts it holds for us.

There’s a huge mind shift here. It takes us further out into the ocean of craziness as we see, in time, everything, yes everything, differently. Everything we do becomes an expression of a pattern. And in time we move from contractive patterns to expansive patterns. We see that the events of our lives are less important than what’s behind them. And we see that it’s a journey that never ends.

There is layer after layer after layer.

There are puzzle pieces that may take years to fit.

There are perceptions and perspectives that are continuously expanding and shifting.

There’s a willingness to let go of what we thought today.

And there’s a willingness to walk on quicksand, step into the abyss, go to places where there are no maps, no GPS, no Waze, other than something inside of us, a heart, a spirit, an intelligence, that will guide us.

There’s the willingness to get messy, dirty, in the reeking muck of what we’ve done. To acknowledge it, sit with it, know it.

And do it different. Sometimes not knowing how.

But knowing we have to.

And there’s a willingness to be different.

This sat deep within me today.

To be different.

If we’re not different we’re not going to do anything different.

That change can be chaotic!

And to welcome it with open arms. And to ask every day, how wide can I open arms?

And what came and sat with it is the vigilance needed to be conscious and more conscious of keeping those arms open, keeping that heart open.

We need to be willing to watch our minds, watch the energy of the world, watch how it can drag us back.

There’s a willingness to walk alone. To walk away from those who will only see us one way, to allow them to walk away. And there’s courage in this.

There’s a willingness to let go.

Of our labels, of who we are, who we’ve become for who we can be, who we’d like to be.

There’s a willingness to find parts of ourselves connected to something inside of us that connects to something far out in space. And to do that we have to go as deeply inside as it is without.

There’s a willingness to be patient with ourselves, kind. To take the time we need. To lay a foundation that will withstand the storms, and the storms will come.

And there’s a willingness to love.

Love ourselves, love another, love others, love life.

Crazily, madly, deeply.