The Dance of the Heart



‘My touch is the dance of my heart on your body.’


I wrote this line and shared it in an image a few days ago, then I read it a few times.

Earlier in the day I shared a massage swap that began with an extended time of Eye-Gazing, Heart Connection, our energies merging.

I was receiving, as much as there is giving and receiving in this space.

My partner did things she’s never done before, and I felt things I’ve never felt before.

And as I read that line again I realized that that’s what massage in that deep space is.

The dance of the Heart.

And that filled me with wonder.

The dance emerges, it has rhythm and flow, rests and pauses.

It’s a dance that never was danced before, it never will be again.

Not quite like this.


The touch doesn’t come from the mind.

It’s not the movements or techniques we know.

It’s nothing that’s been practiced or learned, in fact it’s what’s been unlearned. Because sometimes the more we know the harder it is to not do what we know.

The movements come from the Heart.


There’s no thought, because the more thought, the more mind, the less Heart.

It’s a connection, from within us, to our hands, to the body, to their Heart.

There’s no what should I do next, there’s no getting stuck, uncertain.

There is just the flow.

Just the hands, the breath, the sensation, the feeling.

Just the touch, Heart Touch.


Massaging, which in the way we generally understand it is nowhere enough of a word for this, becomes a path.

A path to connection and intimacy. Firstly with ourselves, because this comes from within us. Then with another. And beyond that to life, simply because of the Heart Space we’re in. We don’t have to do anything else. Which is difficult for many of us, even on a spiritual path. We have to do. Practice, meditate, breathe, learn. Which are all important, and maybe sometimes we give the doing more emphasis than the being. Maybe the doing is for the being, the doing creates the space for being.


Then it’s a path of presence.

Right here.

Deeply, immersed in the moment, in the movement, in the touch.

The mind is quiet.

There may be a few thoughts that drift across the space and away without holding attention, without a story, a name.

This is a meditation, of The Heart, in touch.


And of course, it’s a path of Love.

It’s making love.

With ourselves, another.

Love is the space it happens in, the container, the energy, the richness.

We can only touch this way in love.

We can only receive this in love.


There is desire in this.

Not the way we often think of desire, wanting, looking for arousal, genital, sexual, grasping, hungry.

There’s the desire for the Heart to express itself in touch.

There’s the desire to drop, within, deeper.

Therese the desire for the knowing in the body, the wisdom, innate in every cell, to vibrate.

There may be arousal, and it simply takes us deeper.

It’s all part of us.

You may get hard, you may get wet, we breathe, it flows.


There is relaxation, deep letting go.

There can be no holding on as the body softens, as the Heart opens.

What we hold in the tissues, the past, the shadows, the hurts, the contractions, begin to release.

Not through doing, not even through allowing, through being, feeling.

So many of us are looking for healing.

And we need to ‘do the healing’.

We need the words, the understanding, one story for another, one identity for another.

Let the words come later, let the mind tell its story later.

This is the time of the Heart.

The time of Touch.


There’s an offering in this, and a surrender.

The offering is of the body, my body to your touch, my body for you to experience the flow of your Heart, my body as the place of your meditation, the place of your prayer.

And the surrender, to The Heart, to Love.

The surrender to the Touch. And the Touch becomes the teacher, the guide, the healer, the way.


In one way it’s so simple.

Breathe, relax, touch.

And in another it’s a journey, not always of learning, rather of doing.

And each time, each dance, each touch, we’ll feel a little more, let go a little more, drop a little deeper.

The words come afterwards, a more relaxed mind, a more open mind, a mind of less conditioning, patterning, a more present mind.


‘My touch is the dance of my heart on your body.’

Come and share, come and experience, come and feel.

This fills me with excitement as it brings new awareness to the way I teach, to what I teach, what’s possible for us in this dance of limitless possibility.