The Divine Possibility of Yoni Opening



At the moment many women are reaching out with a desire to have deeper, more fulfilling experiences.

For some women it’s about being able to have sex without pain.

For some women it’s about having an orgasm.

For some women it’s about feeling desire.

For some women it’s about exploring, discovering.

For some women this is about internal orgasms, G-Spot Orgasms, A-Spot, Cervical Orgasms.


So much of this begins with a journey of what some people call de-armoring, some people call opening and softening.

It’s about releasing.

Releasing what’s in the tissues of your Yoni, releasing what’s blocking the connection between Heart and Yoni, releasing the inhibition, the limitations, the beliefs that keep you in a pattern, and releasing that which blocks you from having the experiences, the feelings and sensations that you’d like to have.


I teach so much about the patterns we live in, and how these patterns are in the body, as well as in the mind.

Our experiences, our past, is in our body.

And so much of that sits in the tissues of your Yoni.

Every time you felt guilty about sex, about pleasure.

Every time you felt embarrassed about your body.

Every time you felt shame about sex, about your body, about pleasure.

Every time you felt pressured to have sex.

Every time you felt you had to have sex for a reason other than your own desire, your own pleasure.

Every time you were touched in a way that was not loving, honouring.

Every time you were penetrated, in any way, before you were ready.

Every time you felt rushed.

Every time you felt your pleasure was taking too long.

Every time it was painful.

Every time it was unfulfilling.

Every time you felt you had to be less than you are.

Every time you felt like you couldn’t make the noise you wanted to.

Every time you felt rejected, and you couldn’t express your desire.

Every time…


All of these ‘every times’ sit in your body, in your Yoni.

Tissue that should be alive, awake sensitive, is numb, tender or even painful.

And as much as the de-armoring, the releasing, the softening, the opening, is about pleasure, it’s about so much more.

It’s about your Heart, and the practices are deeply connected to your Heart.

This is about a greater love for yourself, in so many ways.

It’s about your Throat, and the practices are connected to your Throat.

Which is about your voice, not only the voice of pleasure, but your voice in life. It’s about asking for what you want, in all of life. It’s about saying what’s important to you. It’s about your voice being part of the song of life.

It’s about your Spine, about the energy, the vitalility, the life-force that flows there. And standing up, strong, flexible.

It’s about your Creativity, expressed in so many ways.

It’s about deliciousness, juiciness, passion.

It’s about life.

It’s about joy in life, an inner state of being that we live with, we live in, we live through.


Our sexuality is not in a vacuum.

It’s not in a box that we take out in specific contexts and use, then put away again.

It’s in all that we are, in every breath, every moment.

As we release our sexual blockages we have more energy for all of life.

And, of course, pleasure deepens, expands, in ways we’ve read about, dreamed about.


Because our sexuality is connected to every aspect of ourselves, this release needs to happen on all levels.

As much as it’s a body practice, it needs to be connected to Heart, to Sound, to Breathe.

Our minds give us an understanding, a context.

We feel, we sense, the tension, the numbness, the hurt. And we feel the release, the awakening, the tingling, as we come alive.


We use the word Yoni, from Sanskrit.

One of its meanings is Home, Space, Sacred Space.

This is a sacred journey, to you, to the home of your body, the home of your Heart, the home of your pleasure, your power, your mystery.

The limitless possibility of Divine Sexuality.