The Endless Touch


One of the most beautiful things about learning Sensual Massage, Heart Massage, Healing Massage, is the endless journey of discovery it offers.


There are two aspects to this, entwined in each other, feeding each other, expanding each other.


The first is the inner aspect.

As I go deeper into myself in learning and exploring touch I release more of that which prevents me from being more present. I release that which prevents me from sharing more love. I release that which prevents me from being more intimate. I release that which prevents me from touching with greater sensitivity. I release that which prevents me from being more intuitive. I release that which prevents me from connecting more with myself. I release that which prevents me from being more in the meditative moment of touch.


The other aspect is the outer.

This is an extension of the inner, as the inner is an extension of the outer.


As I open more within myself I feel your body more, your energy more. I connect deeper with you. I become more aware of the subtlety of your body, of the intense sensitivity as you open to deeper sensation. I see how through touch, you reveal more of yourself to me. Which can only happen when I am open to see with eyes within me, the eyes of my heart. I feel not only your skin, but that which is beneath your skin. I feel the story of your life in your body. I feel where there is density, where the past sits in locked places. I feel the curves, the valleys, the plains of your body anew. I feel more of how this physical manifestation of our being is connected. I feel where to stop and hold you. I feel how to build your pleasure fire, how to take you to ecstasy.


Every time I feel these things I am able to go deeper within myself.

And the deeper within myself I go, the deeper I can be with you.

I touch you, and through this, you touch me.

I connect with my heart, you open my heart more.

I see that learning to touch is learning to love.


I have been practicing and teaching massage for over 20 years. The deeper I go, the more I see how much more there is.

It’s touch, and it’s so much more.

It’s a portal of growth, of healing, of intimacy and connection, of energy and of pleasure.

It’s physical, that’s where we begin, and then it becomes more.

As our bodies are physical, and as we begin to explore the spiritual, the mystery, we see how much more they are.

And more and more I see how this is an opportunity to express our hearts, connect with our hearts, touch from our hearts.