The Feast of Your Body



I love food, I love to cook, and I love to eat.

There is such sensuality in food, and coffee, in every way, texture, taste, smell, the way things look.

I also enjoy watching food programmes. A few nights back I was watching an old season of MasterChef and a judge on one of the challenges said something that I don’t think he quite realised what he was saying.

‘Somehow we all taste delicious’.

Oh yes we do!


It brought something delicious to mind.

Imagine your lover’s body is a banquet, a feast of the gods and goddesses.

This is a feast of the senses.

A ritual of erotic delight.

A feast for your eyes, for your nose, for your ears, for your mouth, for your hands, for your heart, for your soul.

You prepare for a divine feast.

It happens in a sacred space, a space that you create.

This space can be anywhere, indoors, outside.

You create it, you adorn it.

You create the elements of the space with your lover’s body as the centerpiece, the jewel in the crown.

You welcome them into the space.

You sit with each other and breathe to come into presence.

You undress them, slowly, unwrap them to your gaze, reveal their body limb by limb.

You lay them down, on their back, their front, their side…

You breathe into yourself.

And begin, slowly, to feast.

This feast, when it comes from the heart, is worship, adoration, exploration.

They’ll feel you right deep inside them, in their core, if you’re present.

This is a gift that gives to you both.

Feast on the way their body looks. Let your eyes travel over their skin, the curves, the valleys, the plains, every part of their body. Slowly, so you really see.

This alone is an endless journey of discovery. Every angle shows you something different. It’s looking at art that will draw you for ever.

Then bring your nose close to their skin. Smell is one of the most evocative, emotional senses we have. It’s subtle, goes to deep parts of our brain.

It is so intimate, carries such a deep knowing.

Inhale them into you, inspiration is divine.

Inspiration is Divine.

And then feel, feel, feel.

Touching in this way is a lifelong practice, it never ends, has no limits.

And then, and then, oh, taste.

Taste every morsel of this holy meal that we have been given to connect with the Divine. Taste life. Taste the delicate and the subtle and the strong.

Feel, feel every moment within you, let it vibrate, let it reach into you through your senses and touch your heart.

This is making love in a way that is beyond words.

Slowly is the key, slowly, so that you may savour.

Approach this curiosity, becomes interest, becomes fascination, becomes awe. Awe is the space of the Divine.

Feast with joy, with delight, with celebration of this endlessly wondrous body.


Read this, maybe more than once to let the spirit of it sink in.

Feel it.

Then prepare the space for your lover…

If you’re on your own, close your eyes, feel the lover you’d perhaps like to come into your life, feel them feasting on you, you on them…