The Freedom of Sacred Saliva


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Let’s start with this.

What makes saliva sacred?

Nothing, other than it’s an element of our Divine body, and as everything, every bodily fluid, is part of us, in this Divine body.

And if we were more aware of this, we would probably do some things very differently. I certainly know I would have.


Now let’s talk about the freedom of saliva.

A while ago I developed a Mouth Massage. It came from the awareness of how much tension we hold in our mouths, and how intimate our mouths are. I saw how this is not only a place in the body for healing and release, but also for connection, for deepening the relationship and connection we have with our bodies, bringing deeper awareness to our mouths.

The sensitivity of the mouth, its intimacy, its connection to our nervous system makes it an important part of healing, growth and exploration.

It’s one of the most important places we connect with life from the time we are born, the way we receive nourishment.

We speak through our mouths, and so many of us hold so much that has never been said in our jaws. In fact for many people this is one of the tightest areas in the body, connecting to tension in our necks. Our mouths are also connected to our anus, being at opposite ends of a channel. And so many of us hold so much anal tension.

Our mouths are also places of such sensuality, eroticism, arousal and pleasure.

In kissing, touching, tasting, drinking, licking, sucking.


The Mouth Massage was inspired by a Tandava experience where I began to ‘kiss life’. This was an ecstatic experience I felt in every cell of my body. A little while after that I began to touch my mouth, my lips. The exploration of sensation, of emotion, of texture, of energy became a meditation, a release, then an intimacy with such a strong, and delicate part of myself.

Last week I taught it for the first time in a while, and was reminded of the possibility it holds.


A while back I did a workshop on Drooling, which touched me deeply.

It was about releasing shame through Drooling, freeing ourselves from so many rules of nice behavior, being acceptable by holding things in.

I’ve taught both of these practices in workshops with amazing experiences.

And what is interesting is that some people have said it’s easier to touch their genitals than their mouths, it’s too intimate, too close.



Recently I was sharing a Sensual Rope Experience with someone, which included some mouth stimulation.

A brief digression here. Doing the Mouth Massage on your own is really intimate, someone else doing this is for you is incredibly intimate, vulnerable and opening.

There was saliva on her chin, on her body, there was no holding it back, no attempt to close anything within, anything that was happening.

There was Flow.


We, many of us tend to want sex and pleasure to be neat and tidy and clean.

We sanitize ourselves, from passion, from desire, from expression.

We don’t make too much noise.

We don’t have too much fire.

We don’t ask for too much.

And we disconnect from the deep, the wild dancer that whirls and whirls until they vanish in the energy.


Our saliva, our mouths, open and relaxed, jaws open, throat open, allowing us to connect with that fluid.

We let it flow.

And when that’s open, our sexual energy, from deep in our bodies, from our genitals, can flow because the channel is open.

And when we allow that saliva to flow we feel the freedom that is a sacred expression of who we are.

We’re open.

We give, we receive, we share with greater freedom, more abandon, less inhibition.

We become more primal.

There’s more fire.

There’s more presence.


There’s such a beautiful idea of how one thing can open so many things.

When we become more connected in one way, we become more connected in others.

When we become more natural in one way…

When we become more open in one way…

When one thing flows…


And in essence it’s simple, because it’s us, within us.


Sacred Saliva.

Sensual, Erotic, Releasing, Freeing

A world of possibility.







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