The Freedom of Yoni Massage



There are many different expressions of Yoni Massage that I offer and teach.

There’s Quiet Yoni, a deep, slow, gentle meditation of touch. There’s The Fire Massage, building sexual energy to a heightened state of pleasure, often an explosive orgasm. There are the different healing massages. There’s Expanded Orgasm, moving sexual energy in waves of pleasure throughout the body for a deep experience. There’s Heart Yoni, connecting heart and sexual energy.

The context of the massage allows some beautiful and powerful things to happen.

The first of these is bringing intention to the space, the intention of a gift of healing, of honouring. Of seeing your body, your Yoni as a portal to your energy. Your physical being is simply the doorway into your energy system. It’s the space for you to feel sensation and emotion, which are energies.

Our touch communicates our intention.

When the touch is from the heart the intention is an expression of love.

Then we allow the massage to become an experience of freedom by removing expectation and the way we think it should be and end.

The sexual conditioning and patterning we’ve lived with for so long bring the picture our mind has to the experience.

This is how it should be, this is how it should feel, this is how it should end, this is what I should do for you.

Without these fixed and limiting ideas we free ourselves to receive, to release, to be in the moment, to feel the feelings, the sensations and the emotions as they are, rather than as we think they should be.

We free ourselves to explore our bodies, our energies.

We free ourselves to be curious.

We free ourselves to see where something goes, to travel beyond the surface, to taste the nuance and subtlety.

We free ourselves to allow the massage to become an experience of possibility.

I talk a lot about how we live within a narrow channel of frequency.

We eat the same foods, go to the same places, listen to the same kind of music etc.

Our sensual and sexual experiences are no different.

When we become willing to allow ourselves to expand this frequency, we expand our experience. We allow ourselves a deeper, higher experience.

We see there’s not just one way to feel, not just one way for a Yoni Massage to end.

This is where we step into a different understanding of pleasure, and ourselves as beings of pleasure.

We see that it literally is without limits.

And we can take the learning, the healing and the pleasure into other aspects of our lives.

In doing this we see Yoni Massage as a spiritual experience.

‘I’m almost on my way home and reflecting on the time I spent with you. I almost have no words, but going to give it a go… You touched me, so deeply inside me in a way that no one has ever done before, and in a way that I’ve always longed to be touched. You slowly, gently, tenderly  and with great reverence touched my yoni, entering that most sacred and intimate of spaces to touch, massage  my cervix and hold me in a timeless place of release, such an exquisitely vulnerable and pleasurable place, just allowing, allowing and witnessing and honouring with tenderness. And then, then you held me, so softly, so gently, so strongly until every part of me felt held, calm, relaxed and deeply still. Every part of me vibrated with a delicious flow of energy for the rest of the day and still, still that energy and release remains as a delicious indicator of what is possible and where I can still journey.’