The Gates of the Temple, A Ritual



The Gates of the Temple.

The Lips of your Yoni.


Approach the temple with reverence.

In your eyes, in your heart, in your hands.

This is sacred ground.

She is of the earth, of the stars, of the ocean.

The Divine Breath flows in her body.

The Divine Fire burns in her heart.

The Divine Nectar flows in the space behind these gates.


The ritual begins with creating a space, a sacred space to come together in worship.

The worship of pleasure.

The worship of Yoni.

The worship of woman.


The space is warm, cozy, comfortable, soft.


Candles flicker.

Music, soft.


Incense may float in the air.

Pillows, blankets, towels.

Warm oil.

There are drinks, there are tasty bites.

As you prepare the space your awareness deepens, from the world outside to this moment.

You sit in prayer, contemplating the stillness within you.

From this, from the stillness a feeling arises, an energy flows.

It’s time.


The second part of the ritual is greeting each other, as lovers.

Sitting opposite each other, you look into each other’s eyes.

You open your heart to be seen, you reveal yourself through your eyes.

Your hand on her heart space, hers on yours. You breathe, your heart to hers, hers to yours.

You bow before her, lay yourself on the earth.


The third part of the ritual, as you sit between her legs.

With the energy of your Heart in your eyes you gaze at these Temple Gates, rising from her thighs, from her belly, curving to the sanctuary within.

Your eyes slowly travel up these lips, up the space that opens to infinity between their folds.

You bend forward and with your Heart in your mouth you kiss this temple with all the tenderness you can. Your lips rest against her pulsating skin, you feel the heat of her body.


The fourth part of the ritual, you anoint these gates with oil.

Slowly you pour it from her mound, it flows over her lips, between them.

The energy from your Heart flows into your hands.

You feel the space between you, between these soft lips and your open hands.

Slowly, you approach.

Slowly, your hand comes closer.

Slowly, slowly, your hand rests on the gates of the temple.

You hold her, and she softens into your hand.

Your fingers begin to stroke her lips, from the bottom, up their rise, slowly, softly. Stroking up, and down.

Circles, with your fingertips.

Every movement flows across the gates of this temple of pleasure.

Gently squeezing together.

Rolling your fingers around each other.

Holding each lip in your fingertips, from the top downwards, stroking, gently pulling.

Worshipping with your touch.

The gates of this Yoni Temple.


The ritual ends with your hands resting on her Yoni, holding, holding the energy, holding this sacred space.