The Gift of Presence


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is presence, to be present in yourself.

To be in your body, to be in your breath, to be in your emotions.

To be with yourself.

To feel.

To be in your heart.

To sit in the midst of all that you are, withdrawing judgement to feel, to be.

Gathering your energy from the past, allowing it to float free in the ocean of being.

Gathering your energy from the future, allowing it to unfold as it will.

Creation is in your presence.

Healing is in your presence.

Expansion is in your presence.

Your breath draws you into your body, into your sensation. Here is your connection to life.

Life flows from you, through you.

In presence, you are life.

All healing is in connection.

In presence there is oneness.


One of the greatest gifts you can give your lover is presence.

To be with them.

In your heart, in your gaze, in your words, in your listening, in your touch, in your pleasure.

Your presence with your lover acknowledges them. We are seen, we are felt.

There is a breath of comfort, of knowing.

We are reflected through each other.

In the presence of your lover is the peace of acceptance. We are at home.

In presence we open the space to be.

Masks fall away, armour drops, we are revealed.

In the deep silence heart speaks to  heart beyond words.

In the deep silence touch tells of love.

In the deep silence we are at one with another, with the deepest within us.

In presence, in love, in pleasure, we merge with life through one another.

In presence we are.