The Healing Of The Deep Erotic Space




The Deep Erotic Space is an experience of energy, sexual energy, vitality, life-force.

It’s a space of the connection between the body and the heart.

It’s a space of deep relaxation and release.

It’s a space of softening and opening.

It’s a space of intimacy and connection with yourself.

It’s a space of slow touch, gentle touch.

It’s a space of allowing, of being.

It’s a space you step into slowly, as if entering a pool. When there has been pain, there’s been contraction. In time the contraction becomes a way of being. We stay locked within it. Its presence becomes that we hardly notice it. Until we do. And it becomes time to release it.


Each step into the pool takes us deeper, deeper.

In slowness is safety.

In safety is release.

And in time we connect with the erotic energy within us.

As the body softens sensation expands.

And we step deeper into the pool.

We allow more, feeling, emotion.

We release more.

Pleasure becomes an energy of expansion, of growth, of consciousness, of meditation, of creativity, of inspiration, of connection.

The Erotic State becomes a practice.

We see the pool is without limits.

Layers dissolve, perception expands.

Inner vision clears.

The heart opens, open, opens.

Erotic becomes Eros.


At one with life.