The Heart of my Lingam


He hungers, my Lingam.

He hungers for you.

For your touch, your body.

He expresses himself in you.

He becomes a manifestation of energy, of sensation, of emotion, of love, of desire, of longing, of giving, of receiving.

He is heated, throbbing, vital with life-force that flows from my heart.

His purpose is to fulfill himself in you, this is my pleasure. To feel the liquid openings of your mouth, your Yoni, your ass.

To spread you, to fill you.

To touch the inner flesh of you.

He bathes in your sacred sexual liquids.

He drinks you in, and I taste you in my heart.

He fills the space you open to touch the heart of your Yoni.

The rhythm of the dance of love is ever-changing. It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s deep, it’s slow. It searches the places within you that make you breathe and moan and cry with pleasure. He knows these, he knows you, has known you for ever.

He is strong, tender, commanding, demanding.

He builds your fire with his own flames. You draw him deeper, he follows.

He conquers you, he submits to you. He gives, he takes.

He brings you to the edge, and beyond.

He pours himself into you, giving his essence, again and again and again.

There is alchemy in the mixture of your nectar and my milk.


The pathways to our hearts open as the energy flows.