The Heart of The Healer


The past months have taken me deeper into myself than ever.

I’ve seen parts of myself, patterns in my life, the things I’ve done, things I do, more than ever, and clearer than ever.

I’ve learnt from some amazing teachers and healers, Tom Chi, Gabor Mate, Vishen Lakhiani, people in the world of Tantra.

And in this I’ve been able to go deeper than ever in my practice and in my teaching.

For all that we can offer as healers is ourselves.

All that we can offer is our hearts, filled with love and the desire and passion to guide those who choose to work with us.

We don’t fix anything or anyone, they do. We don’t heal anyone, they do.

We don’t change anyone, they do.

And the deeper we’re willing to go into ourselves, the deeper we’re willing to go with our clients.

That’s what we have to offer, so far beyond techniques, so far beyond intellectual learning.

Ourselves, open, vulnerable and compassionate.

It comes from within, and we open the space for someone to see that in themselves. That’s what we can do.

To help another be a seeker, an adventurer, we offer them that within us that has travelled the dark internal paths. We share our stories, our tears, our challenges, our triumphs. We share our pain, and in this we have no fear to walk with another in pain.

It all comes from within.

And it comes from the heart.

And everyone we share a journey with becomes a healer and teacher, for themselves, for those in their lives. Each journey touches many lives.

Each heart reaches out, opens to another and another.

And somewhere out in the mystery that joins us the work that each one of us does, from the heart, opens the energy and the space for another, and another…

In love…