The Heart Revolution




Generally we live with a Porn Model of sex.

This model is obsessed with orgasm, ejaculation and sperm.

It’s about performance and achievement.

It’s about fantasy, nothing only the fantasies we have within us, but the expression of sex as an edited, created fantasy that is far removed from the reality of most people’s sex lives.

It’s about perfect experiences and perfect bodies that are so far away from most people’s sex lives.


There’s no heart, there’s no connection, there’s no intimacy, there’s no tenderness.

It’s not the kind of sex most of us even want.


For those of in the world of Conscious Sexuality, Taoist Sexuality, Neo-Tantra, Sexual Energy Practices, Conscious Fetish, there is, and has been for a long time now, a revolution.

It’s a heart revolution.

It’s about pleasure, and the myriad possibilities that holds for us.

It’s about the heart being the entry point.

It’s about depth.

It’s about exploring, not only all the sexual things we can, but exploring ourselves.

It’s about vulnerability and openness.

It’s about creativity and inspiration.

It’s about sexuality being a path of personal growth and enquiry.

It’s about sexuality being a way to explore consciousness and spirituality.

It’s a revolution.

It’s a revolution of love for ourselves, for another, for life, as a practice, vibrant and vital.


The porn model brought so much into the open.

It’s become normal.

So many sex acts have become normal, they’re not shocking, they’re mainstream, they’re junk food.


There is revolution, growth, expansion in so many other areas of life.

People are learning, questioning, creating.


Those of us doing this work, those of us learning and practicing it, those of us talking about it, writing about it, sharing it in whatever way we are, we’re the heart revolutionaries.

So, come on, join the cause!

It’s for pleasure.

It’s for transformation.

It’s for freedom.

It’s for possibility.

And it’s for love!