The Heart Touch



When I started teaching The Heart Touch the way I taught massage changed so much.


I’ve been doing and teaching massage for over 25 years in different ways, starting with deep tissue and therapeutic massage, moving into energy massage, sensual massage, sexual energy massage, Yoni massage, Lingam massage, Taoist massage, sexual healing massage, even anal massage etc.


When I started teaching so much was about the technique, about getting that right and learning the movements. Over time, as my understanding changed it became more about energy, more about connection, more about intuition, more about intention.

The Heart Touch was a vital part of this, learning to connect more with your heart centre, to feel that energy, to allow it to flow into your hands and through your body into the person you’re touching. Whether it’s a client or a lover, that’s the energy that allows it to become an experience of healing and love, energy and pleasure. It allows you to infuse the intention with possibility. It takes giving to an endless new level as you open and allow yourself to become a channel of something more, something that’s often inexplicable, beyond words, simply because the words limit our understanding of the experience. The sensations of energy, of pleasure, of release, of relaxation, of change, of letting go, of lightness, of connection and of pleasure can be so deep that words cannot express the fullness of the experience.


Last night I was at an En-Trance Dance facilitated by my amazing friend Christos Daskalakos. This starts around a fire and takes you on a beautiful internal journey using music and dance and ends around the fire. One of the biggest things coming from this for me is inspiration. The past few months I’ve been in a space of deep sadness where inspiration and creativity have been difficult, and feelings have been blocked. I’ve been in the hurt of a relationship ending. And I haven’t been in my heart in the way that I am used to.

From sitting in this space, being in it, being with it, not trying to force it to change, slowly something else has emerged. And last night it spoke to me in terms of The Heart Touch I teach and work with every day in my practice.


When you touch with your heart you’re touching with a heart that has been broken, that has been shattered, that has been cut to pieces time and time again by life. And time and time again your heart has opened more to love, to love deeper and to love with a greater understanding of love, an expanded perception of love. You’re able to live, and live, with deeper compassion, with greater kindness, with more gentleness, and with a deeper sense of stillness allowing life to flow through you in those moments of touch. In acknowledging this, the heart you’re working with, the body you’re working with, recognizes this, connects with it. We’ve all had the experiences of being hurt, rejected, abandoned and more. When the heart of the healer is open to his own hurt, and allows the love to flow within that, through that, beyond that, we’re able to reach deep inside another and connect to them. In this the touch becomes an expression of the mystical.

And magic can happen.


The power of this is the openness, the vulnerability, the recognition and the connection.

It’s one heart seeing itself in another, everything else becomes an expression of that.

If it’s a healing massage it goes so much deeper.

If it’s a pleasure massage it goes so much higher.

And if it’s with your lover, well, the connection makes it out of this world.


Our hearts, my heart, greater for the hurt, can love more.

And expanding the perception of The Heart Touch deepens my work and my teaching.

I look forward to sharing it with you.