The Intention To Love


Everything we do has an intention.

For most of us, in most of life, we’re not conscious of this. We do what we do out of habit, patterning and conditioning.

As we grow and become more conscious, we become aware of the power of intention. There’s purpose to what we do, the way we do it, the way we live.

We become aware of where inside of us, which part of us we’re living from.

We become aware of which part of us we’re creating from.

The greatest power is to come from The Heart, from Love.

If your intention is to touch with love, touch from your heart.

If your intention is to speak with love, speak from your heart.

If your intention is to hear with love, listen from your heart.

If your intention is to see with love, look from your heart.

It’s been said that we see the world not as it is, rather as we are.

Our interpretation of reality creates reality.

What comes into us and what we make of it, and what we make it, is about us, about what’s inside of us. What we make it is about where inside of us we’re looking from, hearing from, seeing from, tasting from, speaking from…

When that changes, our perception changes.

When our perception changes, our reality changes.


It’s about energy.

All energy has a frequency.

Everything we do is an energy pattern. For most of us the patterns of our lives are quite narrow. We do the same things in the same ways. Most people put the same shoe on first every time. We brush our teeth in the same way, eat in the same way.

In life, in relationships, and in pleasure, we do the same thing.

We see the world, our world in the same way, a narrow stream of energy. A narrow stream of possibility.

What we believe about life, about relationships, about pleasure, about life, about money, about health etc is simply the energy we acknowledge.

When this energy gets severely blocked it results in some sort of pain, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual…

Energy needs to flow.

That’s when we begin to heal.

For so many the healing is just about taking the pain away.

That doesn’t necessarily expand the frequency. It just gets the energy moving, more times than not to get to the same point again and again.

Expanding the frequency, expanding the perception, changes things.

It takes us out of pain into possibility.

It becomes about creation.

It becomes about an alignment with life.

It allows us to see more, literally as well as in other ways.

We come to see more than what we’ve always seen.

We see more of what is.

We see more of ourselves and of others.

We see how things can be different. Us, our lives, our world.

There are many paths to this place, to this way of being, of living.

Flowing through, from, with The Heart, it becomes a path of Love.


Out of love for myself I choose to see more of myself.

Out of love for myself I choose to see more of you. Out of love for myself I choose to see more of life.

Out of love for myself I choose to live differently.

From this space, who would I choose, consciously choose to have in my life, to help me express the higher, more open, expanded aspects of myself?

From this space what work would I choose, and how to do it?

What health, what joy, what exploration…

What life would I create?

I had an experience a while ago that’s still difficult to express fully. In short, I saw worlds within my heart.

I’m only beginning to understand the possibility of what it was I was shown.


Living from The Heart opens our perception, opens, literally, us, to living with more and yet more, Love.


When we connect, consciously connect more with the heart center, we’re able to direct our awareness to that place more. As we do this we’re able to move our attention from our heart to anywhere else in our body and express that. We can connect it to our hands to our mouths, anywhere.

The Heart Breath is one of the most beautiful ways to make that connection.


Touch your heart center any way you feel comfortable, with one hand, both hands, just one finger, put your hands in a prayer position. Where we touch draws attention.

Breathe, a slow deep breath in, and a slow deep breath out.

As you breathe in imagine that you’re breathing in to your heart center, as you breathe out, imagine that you’re breathing out from your heart center.


A good way to do the practice is for 5 minutes twice each day, after that you can do it as much as you like.


Breathe, connect, feel, live, love…