The Intimacy of Healing




I love to teach.

I love to learn, and I love to share what I learn, to understand it, to see where it fits, what it connects to.

I’ve been listening to some great teachers over the past weeks and really been thinking about what I do, and what I don’t do.

I share deep journeys with people.

We go deep, and we take the time to go deep.

In this time an intimacy develops, a connection that allows for depth.

And I’ve come to see that intimacy is such an important element of healing and growth.


Most of the journeys begin with healing, mostly of a sexual, sensual or relationship nature, and expand into our hearts, into life.

An intimacy with ourselves is vital on this journey, an intimacy with our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our energy, our feelings, our sensations. And an intimacy with our souls.

This intimacy is the space of vulnerability.

It’s the space of authenticity.

It’s the space where we reveal ourselves, to ourselves. As we are.

It’s the space where the masks drop, where the armour falls to the ground.

It’s the space where we learn about our limitations and boundaries.

It’s the space where we see our patterns and conditioning.

It’s the space where we see ourselves. As we are.

It’s revealing ourselves to a lover, and the lover is us. And every secret we share, every thing about ourselves we bring to awareness, deepens the intimacy.

It’s the intimacy of acknowledgement of ourselves, knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves, loving ourselves.

It’s the intimacy of loving life.


When we begin a journey of sexual healing it requires an intimacy with ourselves as sexual beings. Acknowledging our sexual selves, acknowledging that this is an important aspect of life to us, that we’d like to experience this in a deeper way with greater fulfillment.

And then exploring what that means.

It’s an intimacy with our sexuality, with our genitals, with love and pleasure.

You might think that all sexual healing is intimate, in the same way that sex is intimate.

Many sexual experiences are not necessarily intimate. They’re physical, functional, release experiences.

The intimacy is in the intention, the awareness, the consciousness, the connection between our bodies and our hearts, our bodies expressed as energy, it’s seeing ourselves as sensual and sexual beings expressing ourselves in so many ways in life.

It’s not about our sexuality disconnected from the rest of us.

It’s the awareness that our sexuality is an expression of so many other aspects of who we are.

It’s the awareness that our whole bodies are sexual.

It’s the awareness that we are here today, as is everything in our world, everything in life, because of sex, sexual energy, the interplay and entwinement of the energies of sexuality.

This is intimacy, and this alone makes so much healing possible. Simply being in an intimate space with ourselves, with another, so much happens, such release, such awareness.

Listening to someone, deep listening, with your heart, with your body, is intimacy. Being heard in that space, so much healing.

Being touched with intimacy, a hand on your sacrum, your spine, your heart, your forehead, so much happens.

Being held with intimacy, breathing with someone breathing with you, so much happens.

Being present is intimate.

Present in ourselves, in our bodies, in our feelings, even in our thoughts, in life, is intimate. And we are present, it’s knowing that that makes it intimate, feeling it, experiencing it.


I love it, and I love to share it.


I look forward to sharing with you on Thursday, The Lingam Massage Webinar.

And in a couple of weeks I’ll share the details of a new course, An Intimacy With Your Body.