The Last Sexuality Workshop



On Monday night I taught the last face-to-face workshop for a while.

The workshops continue online.


Before I talk about, rather, write about the workshop, I would like to thank you for your comments, likes and shares of the pieces I write and share.

It touches me that they’re touching and helping you at the moment.


At this time we choose a place and a way where we are in the world, how we’d like to show up.

And I need to digress for a moment. One of the things I teach is using questions as a way of engaging with ourselves, with our minds, finding, a different part of the mind, and allowing different thoughts to emerge.

I share a lot of these on a platform called The Gooroo Guide, a daily WhatsApp Voice Message. (If you’d like to receive these DM your WhatsApp No to me.)

The point of the digression is this, I asked a question recently, How do you ALLOW yourself to show up, what do you ALLOW yourself to be?

How much of yourself do you ALLOW yourself to share, to reveal?

So we choose where we are, and my choice at the moment is to continue to share with you in any way I can, and share about what I know.


The workshop was The Art of Sex and we focused on oral pleasure and penetrative sex.

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We came to something beautiful in the discussion about sex.

And the title of the workshop has the clue.

The Art of Sex.

When our sexual experience is art, we create it.

We create it from a space of inspiration.

We create it from a place inside of us that can have many elements and expressions.

We may begin the creation with an idea of where we’re going, we may have a plan.

We may begin the creation with an idea, an inspiration, an in age, a feeling.

And as we create the experience, it grows, it expands, it changes, shape, texture.

We detour, something along the way speaks to us, draws us.

And we create our lovemaking in the moment.

We co-create this with our partner, through intimacy, through connection, through energy, through communication.


One of the important elements of a sexual experience as creation, as art, is to go beyond orgasm.

This allows us to be fully in the experience, in the moment, in the feeling, in the sensation, in ourselves, in each other.

When our focus is on orgasm, as wonderful as orgasms are, we’re focusing on getting to that place, making that happen, so we’re not always present, we’re often in the thoughts, the fantasies, the mind stuff.

Because of that we don’t always feel the fullness of what we’re experiencing, we don’t stay with it, we don’t go deeply into the moment, into being present.

When we’re in pleasure we can be present.

And we can create.

We’re not going anywhere, this, this moment, this sensation, this feeling, you, me, hearts, bodies, mouths, skin, breath, sounds, hot, wet, open, all of it.

This is it.

This is everything.

We are the artist and the art

It makes us and we make it.

Sacred stuff.

Sacred union.




I am available for online consultations and lessons. I work with men, women and couples on journeys of sexual healing, growing, learning, exploring and connecting. The way I work is that we make time to talk about where you are, what you’d like to do. I explain the framework I put everything in, then recommend something to you, tell you what it involves, cost etc.


I Wish You So Much Pleasure!