The Limitless Conversation of Touch



Touch is a language

That goes deeper than words

It’s the language of the body

That has a knowing

That speaks to the heart

To the places deep within us


Learning to touch, to massage, is one of the most important things we can do.

Especially in relationship.


There is intimacy, connection, in touch.

There is safety in touch.

There is a place to rest, to belong, in touch.

There is release in touch.

There is comfort in touch.

There is healing in touch.

There is a home in touch.


And there is pleasure, so much pleasure, in touch.


Desire will wax and wane, arousal will come and go.

Our want for sex will change over time, through life and all it brings.

Touch offers us something that is always there.

Your hands on my body tell me of your love, of your caring, of your tenderness.

And of your presence.


So often we touch for sex, because we want sex. And only because we want sex.

We read this deep inside, because we know the language of touch. We know what’s in the touch, the story of touch, the quality of touch.

We know the touch within the touch.


When we learn to touch from the heart, when we learn the possibility of touch, when we learn the different expressions of touch, worlds of possibility open to us.

It becomes a way to create deep intimacy and connection, to show our caring, to be present with each other.


We see how touch creates intimacy in a way words cannot.

Words are of the mind, they’re analyzed, dissected, questioned.

There’s a truth in touch that’s simply what it is. It’s a feeling, and in the feeling is the knowing.

From a caress on my cheek, to a comforting, calming relaxing foot massage to a deep dive into the sensations of pleasure and the fire of arousal, there’s a knowing.


There’s a nourishing in touch, a nurturing, a caring.


And there is a world of sensation that many of us never explore.

An excitement, a path to arousal that wakes up every cell in our bodies with desire. Touch is a way to take us deep, high, ecstasy, every nerve dancing with delight.

Pleasure beyond pleasure.

Waves of feeling that wash over and through our bodies. That take us to the places within us, beyond us, where we know the deliciousness of sensual, sexual sensation and energy.


There is a meditation in touch.

That can be of pleasure, that can be of connection, that can be of healing, that can be of being.

It’s a spiritual expression, adoration, worship, a prayer of this body as an expression of the Divine.

The dance of my hands on your body is the dance of sacred awareness.


There are so many gifts in the giving and the receiving of touch.

Spending this time with a lover is an affirmation of our connection and relationship, whatever the context of that is.

It’s an expression of love, in so many ways, from the gentle, caring caress to the fire of pleasure.

Touch is a life-long journey that expresses so much of who we are, and allows us to share that as we change.


I’ve been consciously exploring, teaching, learning, developing ways to massage and touch for over 25 years, and there’s always more, always something else to discover, experience and share.

It’s a journey of wonder, of curiosity, and the sheer joy of having a body.


I invite you to come and explore touch on the forthcoming Conscious Sensual Massage Workshop, Sat 23rd Oct, in Johannesburg. It’s for singles and couples of all orientations. Here’s the link to book: