The Love Sex Expo


I spent four days last week at The Love Sex Expo in Pretoria, South Africa.

I gave 13 presentations and 8 massage demonstrations.

I spoke to so many people at my stand where we were selling the range of DVD’s I’ve produced, talking to people about workshops and retreats.

And healing.

Talking to people about healing.

And listening.

Listening to their stories, their issues.

Listening to how many people want to have better relationships, want to connect with their partners want intimacy, want excitement, want to explore, want to learn and want to grow.

We saw how many partners would wander away when their partner started talking, so many more men than women. And the disappointment in their faces.

We saw how many people wanted to look at the DVD’s, look at the possibilities they have, and how their partner would pull them away.

We saw how many people would avert their eyes at the trailer loop we had playing, showing Yoni Massage, Lingam Massage, Blow-Job techniques, Sensual Massage, Tantric Connection etc.

We saw how many women could not even look at some of the Yoni Massage clips, how disconnected they are from their own bodies.

I see this every day in my practice, and here it was on a much larger scale, for 12 hours a day, four days in a row.


We also saw how much love there was between some couples, how excited they were at the possibility of learning and exploring.

We heard from so many people how they’d been looking for material to help them grow.

We saw how many people want to learn, who were at the presentations, who came to ask questions, to talk.

We saw how many young people were engaging, talking, asking questions, buying the DVD’s.

We saw how many people looked at what they wanted to learn, what interested them.

And we heard stories about so much love, about how people had healed their relationships, themselves, their lives, about how they were having amazing pleasure and intimacy.

We saw a very large slice of the spectrum of human sexuality and emotion.


And here’s something I find so interesting.

We have more access to more information than ever before.

And we have the same sexual issues, the same problems.

It’s about us.

The patterns we live with, the conditioning we have, the inhibitions that we grow up with, social and religious attitudes to sex, isn’t very different on a large scale.

The prejudice against the way so many people express their sexuality hasn’t changed.

The lack of education for pleasure hasn’t changed.

The misunderstanding about sexual energy, sexual power hasn’t really changed.

Our hearts haven’t really changed.

Our beliefs about men and women, about their role, about abuse, about oppression hasn’t really changed.

In some ways, and in many places, it’s becoming more oppressive as more people, men and women struggle for freedom.

More people, men, want to hold on to their control more than ever, out of fear.

There’s so much more about the ugliness of sex and pleasure, about censorship of the body, than is about beauty, freedom and possibility.


I am grateful for every person I was able to talk to, for every person who watched a massage demonstrating, for every person who came to a place where it was normal to look at sex toys, to talk about how to find the G-Spot, to see people walking around in latex, or with rope around them, and more.

I am grateful for every person I engage with in my articles, in my workshops, in my healing work.

I am grateful for every teacher who shares their work in all the ways that they do.

I am grateful for every discussion, question, comment and connection.

And even with its restrictions, absurd and ridiculous as they are, on so many platforms, the way they allow us to connect with each other, around the world, and share our work, our ideas, our vision, is just a cool.


And I look forward to sharing more, more and more.

And the possibilities we can create.

Thank you.