The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 13



There’s an interesting idea about healing, and life.

For so long we’ve been convinced that it’s about learning, about lessons, about fixing the problems, about diagnosing, putting it into a box with labels.

And then we’ll understand it.

And then we’ll know what to do with it, about it.


Maybe there’s something else.

Maybe all that does is focus on the problem, and maybe that’s a contractive way of looking at things, us, life, pleasure.

And maybe all that we do with that is give things a story, and maybe we give the story more power than the experience.

And maybe, even with a label, all the understanding we get is something that our mind likes, agrees with and accepts.

And maybe with all that, we still don’t really know what to do with the problem, because the problem might just be the problem.

Or we’re the problem.


Maybe there’s another perspective.

And maybe this is that it’s about the experience.

And the meaning is in the experience.

And the deeper in the experience we can be, the more we can be present, the quicker it will move through us.

And the less we make a story, and the less we hold onto the story, the quicker it will change.

And in time, with greater awareness, with greater consciousness, we’ll choose the experiences that we’d like to have.

And we’ll choose experiences with greater pleasure, greater connection, greater tenderness, greater intimacy, greater openness.

And when do that, even in the small things in a day, consciously choosing more of what we want, we become more conscious of the choices we do have, and how much more we can choose. And the more we do that the more it expands.


And maybe if we filled our bodies with more pleasure, there’d be less space fit shame, for embarrassment, for judgement, for inhibition, for guilt.

Maybe we need to think about not focusing on the problems of these, and all the other impediments to pleasure.

Not ignoring the problems.

Seeing them, with eyes open.

And then, with open hearts, filling the spaces within us and around us with more pleasure.

And in time there’ll be less space for the other stuff.

And our attention, our awareness, will be more on the pleasure, more on the possibility.

And the choices we make from that awareness will be different.

In every aspect of life.


Conscious Erotic Massage is an experience that fills the body with that energy.

It’s life-force, vitality, creative energy, mystery.

It fills us with pleasure.

It’s using the power of sexual energy to heal by its very presence.

It’s about the experience of presence.


We have within us, not only amazing healing ability, self-healing ability, but wisdom as well.

It’s in our bodies.

When the focus is on the problem, that’s all there is.

When we create a space and a state of energy moving, of connection, of intimacy, of relaxation, and of pleasure, that healing happens without us having to do anything other than be in the experience, as deeply as we can.

That’s we activate it.


I read recently that the practice of meditating, of sitting, of breathing, of chanting, in whatever way you practice that, is what allows the Meditation to take place, for all the gifts to come to us.

Conscious Erotic Massage is the same.

It’s the vehicle, the tool, the technology, that opens the pleasure, already there within us, frees it, releases it, and, allows is the experience and the gifts it has for us.