The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 15



One of the most beautiful, and most powerful, gifts that an Erotic Massage experience gives us, is the gift of receiving.


For so many women sex and pleasure come with many unstated rules and beliefs. There are many unwritten expectations that have not changed in a long time. Some of the deepest of these are that women’s pleasure is secondary, that pleasure is transactional and that reciprocation is a line with great unfairness.


In terms of reciprocation, there is a deep expectation that when a woman receives pleasure, it needs to be returned.

The implications of this are enormous.


Firstly it makes it difficult for many women to let go fully into pleasure, to enjoy the experience, it’s energy and the space and time after a sexual play.

Secondly it means that many women turn down the possibility of pleasure because of that expectation.

Thirdly it creates a situation of pressure, moving sex from pleasure freely shared to that of a transaction.


In the space of receiving an erotic massage experience one of the most amazing aspects is the ability to simply receive.

In all that means.

Simply, in this context, can literally be life changing.


To receive pleasure is a space of great power.

It allows you to go as deeply into the sensation, the feelings, the emotions, as you’ll allow yourself.

Over time, as your body opens, as your energy moves more, this will deepen naturally.


Receiving in this way becomes a space of greater consciousness. Connection with your body is enhanced. Connection with your feelings and emotions are enhanced. This deepens your awareness of the massage and allows for even greater pleasure. It becomes an expanding spiral instead of a contractive one. The deeper you go, the deeper you can go. The deeper you can go, the more you experience.

And in time, you’re able to go to the place where erotic massage can be a path to expanded states of consciousness.


Next, in the space of erotic massage, there is no pressure to perform. Whether the massage is about an orgasm or not is secondary, at least if the practitioner has a good understanding of female sexuality. This freedom allows a woman to go to the place in her pleasure and arousal she chooses. Receiving is a choice, how we receive, the experience we allow ourselves, the places within ourselves we’ll go, the depth, the feeling, the sensation, and where it goes, are all a choice.

And in the space of erotic massage it becomes a conscious choice.


Receiving, deeply, fully, opens the doors of possibility.

And as we allow ourselves to receive more we find that this space is without limits.

This beautiful body, and it’s amazing mystery, can take us beyond what many of us have thought possible.