The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 17



We live in a world obsessed with measuring things, with the rightness or wrongness of so many aspects of life based on measurement.

We judge people, give them value by how much they have.

This obsession has led to an incredibly warped view of what normal is.

This obsession has created standards of judgement that are empty of personal expression.

This obsession has created pressure.

This obsession has caused us to judge ourselves and left us falling short due to an impossibility of normal, and created self-doubt, uncertainty, insecurity and a disconnect from the wisdom within us.

This obsession has taken us away from our creativity, from our self-expression, from our hearts and from our spirits.

This obsession has created industries based on being normal, why we’re not, how we can become and how far away that is from us.

And it’s led to us being just as unhappy, lost and disconnected when we become normal.

And sex is no different.

We want to measure, we want to know what’s normal.

How often, which way, which positions, how many orgasms, what kind of orgasms, have you squires, have you had a theesome, have you bought ropes and floggers and butt plugs, have you taken nude pictures, have you sexted a stranger, have many times a week is normal, how many blow-jobs a year should you get.

And what makes it even worse is that we’ve accepted the porn model of sex as normal on top of everything else.

And all this does is disconnect us from our sexuality, from our sensuality, from pleasure, from our sexual energy.

It takes us out of being in the moment.

It takes us away from our bodies.

It takes us away from our hearts.

It takes us away from intimacy.

It’s become about achievement.

Which has nothing to do with love, tenderness, connection and the beautiful possibility that the Sacred Pleasure Space holds for us.

Sensual touch, erotic touch, exploration of our bodies, of ourselves, of our partners, of the space between us, of sexual energy, brings us back.

It takes us out of the performance into the infinite beauty of being present.

It brings us into our breath, and through our breath, deeper into ourselves.

It brings us into the Mystery.

There are no measurements in this space.

There is often no end to an experience and the beginning of the next, as we live in a spectrum of eroticism, where life, vitality, is an extension of our sexual and sensual play. Arousal within us is always there. It’s not something we switch on and off. We’re sexual beings, sensual beings, pleasure beings at play in the field of life.

A touch, a whisper of our lover’s breath ignites the flames that are always there.

There is no measurement.

There is the present.

There is the touch of skin.

And there is you and I, merging in the field of the possibility of pleasure.

There is nowhere to go other than within our bodies.

There is nothing to do other than feel, breathe, allow, experience.

There is the touch, there is the moving of energy, there is sensation, there is pleasure.

There is no goal, whether you have an orgasm, 3, none.

There is simply the intention of connection, of intimacy.

Sacred Erotic Massage takes us there.