The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 19



I was looking through a Dropbox folder that had some pictures from a shoot we did a few years ago.

There were some pictures of a double massage, two people massaging one person, four hands on a body.


It’s a beautiful experience that heightens the sensations, sometimes radically. The Erotic aspect of it can be incredible. Four hands make so much more stimulation possible, so many places can be touched at the same time.

It’s also an incredible experience to do, especially when the givers are in synch. The resonance between all three people is amplified in an expanding spiral. It becomes an erotic and sensual meditation where giving and receiving are all blended into a magical space.


Over time I’ve done many of these massages, and it made me think of how many possibilities, how many different expressions of erotic massage there are. And how many possibilities of exploration it holds for us.


I was engaged in one of these earlier this week with a couple. They were lying on the futon, some things work better on the futon, some things better on the massage table. I was sitting between them, working with both of them at the same time. We were doing a Heart-Genital connection, slowly and gently stroking the energy between those two centers. It was beautiful to feel them relax deeply, connect with each other, and a resonance develop in the space.

Massaging a couple at the same time connects them, creates a deep intimacy, opens the space for very open communication and takes their pleasure to a different level.


A double massage can be more than that. It can be four people sharing the touch.

Many couples, and single people have come to me for help exploring sensuality and pleasure. Massage becomes a wonderful way to that. The space is clear and boundaried. It allows everyone to give and receive, to explore different bodies, different touches, different sensations.

It also allows, and this is something big to understand, people to explore a body of their own gender.

For some, more so men than women, this is taboo. And yet it’s an important aspect of healing our own sexuality and the fears it holds for many of us.


Beyond that, a double massage can expand into a group, 5 people, 6…

One person lies in the middle with all these amazing sensations, all these beautiful hands on their body.

We do something similar as the last process in Water Flow Massage.

And there’s more, always, as I’ve said Erotic Massage is the space of possibility. We’ve done, for want of a better name for it, a Standing Slither Massage.

Everyone has lots of oil on their bodies, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes not, and slither all over each other. The sensations are delicious, and if you’re willing, as with all the massage experiences, you’ll lose yourself to the touch, the feeling, the sensation, the energy, the moment.


That makes me just want to…