The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 4


The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 4


When you do this work from the heart, when you touch from the heart, it’s intimate.

Not only bodily intimate.

And the intimacy is what makes so much possible.

It opens the heart more and yet more.

It allows more energy to flow, through me, from me, through you, for you.

And for me.

For we, I, and I can speak for myself only here, one of the reasons I do this is because of what it allows me to express of myself. And I don’t know any other thing that could express those aspects of myself.

Whether you’re aware of the intimacy, and most people are, to some extent. And even if not aware of the intimacy, aware of a connection.

Whether you feel it or not, that intimacy is a key element of deep erotic massage.

Intimacy is an energy, a frequency.

Being in that energy opens my heart, opens a channel of intuition, of awareness of you, of your body, your energy, your emotions, your desire.

It allows the communication, the conversation, the dialogue to go to deeper and deeper levels. It guides my hands on where to go, what to do, how to move, how to touch in a way that’s far beyond the mind.

In that space there is simply a knowing.

And in the expression of this knowing our energies dance together in such incredible beauty.


With the intimacy comes vulnerability.

And the more vulnerable you can be, the deeper the intimacy.

Doing this work, and when I work with new clients we take time before we go into the more erotic, sometimes a long time before they’re ready, every massage is a space of vulnerability for both of us.


And of course, arousal is a part of this, and we ask what of my arousal?

It’s there, often, during a massage experience.

I’ve learnt the power of feeling it, acknowledging it, giving it back to you, moving the energy through my body to my heart, to my hands, and allowing it to enhance and deepen the massage, the sensation, the energy and your pleasure.

I had harsh teachers for this. They were my mistakes, my confusion, my lack of clarity.

They taught me well, through chaos and hurt.

And from this I learnt how important it is, when you do erotic massage, to have done, to do, continuously, your own work, your own healing. To really know your heart and your sex. To clear your sexual past. To know your darkness, your shadow. To have explored yourself, had your experiences.

Even now, when people come to me to learn to do erotic massage, almost every journey begins with healing.

If we don’t do that, that’s the space our stuff is going to come out.

And I know from my own experience how devastating and hurtful that can be, to everyone involved.

When I began this journey there was nobody to learn from.

So please, learn from someone who has had the experiences. There is so much you can avoid.


And the more I learned, the more it came to the heart.

The more it came to intimacy.

You can have an erotic massage with no intimacy. It’s about genitals.

That comes from the therapist.

And that’s what makes these experiences different, that’s what takes us from the superficial, from the goal-focused orgasm, into the field of pleasure.

And in this, world’s, limitless worlds of possibility.