The Making of an Erotic massage Therapist Pt 5 – The Bliss Body


We have a pain body, and most of us know that well, we live from it.

We also have a Bliss Body.


We have a shadow, when we do growth work, healing work, we come to know the shadow well.

We also have a Bliss Body.


We don’t know the Bliss Body.

It’s subtle and deep, maybe the deepest part of who we are, and maybe the most subtle.

It’s the place where Source and Form meet.


And it’s the place of possibility, limitless possibility.


A few years ago on a yoga workshop I came to understand something. There’s an alignment in a posture where the resonance is, where everything is in harmony and the energy flows.

There’s a field of energy around the posture, as we get closer to the alignment we go deeper into the field, closer to the Centre. In that space we go deeply within ourselves, and at the same time we go out into the universe.


Pleasure is at the outer edges of the field of bliss. It’s where we begin.

And the journey to the Bliss Body begins with pleasure.

For most of us the peak of pleasure is orgasm.

And for most of us the orgasms that we have are contractive and of short duration.

Contractive means that as we get closer to orgasm our muscles get tighter, our breathing quickens, tighter, and quicker until the explosion. It lasts a short time, maybe 30 seconds maximum.

The contraction means that the energy this generates, which has enormous power, can’t really move through the body. It stays in our genitals and pelvis.

We’re at the outer edge of the field of pleasure.

And we’re very much in the physical body.


To go deeper into our energy we have to go deeper into pleasure.

This takes learning, it takes practice, it takes healing, it takes time, it takes patience, it takes commitment.

There are many paths to the Bliss Body.

And deep erotic states are a beautiful way to go deeper into the field.

And one of the most important things about deep erotic massage is that it allows you to focus on receiving the gifts of this space.


It requires opening.

Opening to pleasure, opening to possibility.

In the relaxation that begins a deep erotic massage we begin to open.

Open the body, open the heart, open the energy.

Open to possibility.


The possibility of going beyond pleasure to bliss.

We’re not really comfortable with too much pleasure. We’re not accustomed to it the way we’re accustomed to limitation, hurt and pain. We don’t allow too much of it. We live with sayings like you can’t have too much of a good thing, there has to be tears with laughter etc.

It’s about energy.

The energy patterns that we live with.

And that’s what keeps us where we are, living the lives we live.

As we change our energy we change our patterns, we change our lives.

And one of the most powerful ways to change our energy is to have more joy, more fun, more laughter, and more pleasure.

It’s a different frequency.

It’s the frequency of creation, of manifestation.


As we go deeper into the massage we build the pleasure energy in the body.

The relaxation allows the energy to flow through the body.

It builds and builds, taking us deeper, taking us higher.

Pleasure becomes more than pleasure.

In time it becomes Bliss.

And in time we come closer to our Bliss Body.