The Many Faces, and Bodies, of Pleasure


We all have a Pleasure Being within us.

And to many of us this wondrous aspect of ourselves is a stranger.

If we know them, we know them unconsciously.

If we know them, we know but an aspect of them.

If we know them, we know them in a way that allows their expression in a narrow frequency. A frequency of experience trapped in the pattern of orgasm, the pattern of performance, the pattern of achievement.

If we know them, we know them as a genital expression.

Our Pleasure Being is an aspect of ourselves with many faces, and when we come to know these faces, we see its many bodies, expressed through us in the myriad, endless awareness of pleasure.

We begin by consciously greeting our Pleasure Being.

We begin by creating a connection with our Pleasure Being.

We begin by learning to listen as our Pleasure Being talks with us.

We begin by creating a connection between our sex and our heart.

We begin by opening our hearts to our own love, our own pleasure.

We begin by releasing judgment and claiming freedom.

We begin by acknowledging the many aspects and expressions of desire within us.

We begin by going into our own mind, into the depths of what we know and beyond that, far beyond that, beyond the shadow into the darkness to see all that we are.

We begin by accepting what we see, what we feel.

We allow ourselves expression, experience.

We learn, we understand.

We explore the world within, and we bring that to life, slowly at first, we take a breath in that space, in those feelings, in those sensations. We allow them to become part of us.

And in time we go deeper.

And we see there is no limit to this journey, we will go to the depths we choose, to the places within us that seem so deep, so vast that they’re beyond us.

And in this, with our Pleasure Being, we will see how much more we are in every way.

And how much more we can be, in love and in pleasure.