The Many Petals of Yoni Massage


There are many expressions of Yoni Massage, many petals of this most beautiful art of pleasure.

One of the deepest of these is QUIET YONI.

It’s slow, so slow, oh, just so slow.

It’s gentle, so gentle, oh, just so gentle.

It’s the touch of worship of this delicate flower, a moment of conscious prayer.

In this it becomes timeless, with no goal, no destination. There is freedom in this, great freedom, to allow, to experience, feeling, sensation, emotion. Layers dissolve to reveal layers to dissolve…

First there is healing. From the past, from hurt, from pain, from inhibition, from limitation, from guilt, from shame. The slow and the gentle touch releases that which sits in tissue so tender. And what we hold there is so much more than ‘just sexuality’. This deep and hidden place is where we often store the deepest hurts and slights to all levels of our being.

From the healing comes release, opening, softening. The doorway to pleasure.

Where there is no goal, where there is no destination, there comes freedom to experience, to be. To be sexual, to be sensual. To feel sensation, deeper and deeper, gentle, intense, waves of energy moving you further out into the ocean of pleasure. And in this space the nuances, the shades, worlds open. The freedom that comes from being able to open to pleasure, to relax into pleasure with no expectation brings an awareness of feminine power and possibility. There is a glimmer of The Goddess in the first ripples that move through your body. It grows, it spreads as energy channels long dormant open and come alive.

There is beauty here, such beauty. It reveals itself to you in sensation, in emotion. It reveals itself to you in the mirror of your heart as the gentle fire of pleasure moves from yoni to heart, connecting the centres of pleasure and love. And you cannot but feel beautiful.

The energy of Spirit touches all aspects of this Quiet Yoni. It begins with intention. The hands that lay upon your body transmit A Heart Touch. This flows through me rather than from me. The intention is to acknowledge you, Woman, Holy in this ritual of sacred touch.

As with all the expressions of Yoni Massage there are many gifts in the experience of Quiet Yoni for both the giver and receiver. We are so deeply linked in this. As we open ourselves to all that receiving can teach us, so we open the space for giving to be the same. And as I open the Heart Touch within me to give with love and honouring, to touch you in worship for the Divine Vessel you are, I open the space for me to experience that energy within me. And in this our energies merge to become more than we are. We expand, we open, we connect with something higher. The place of pleasure becomes a space of spirit.

When we return to waking consciousness we are richer. We are both healed, we are both calmed, we are both pleasured. We have both experienced love.

And we are beautiful.

Quiet Yoni Experience is part of the healing journey I work with. It’s also available for you to learn as a practitioner and lover.