The Massage High



A while ago after a deep massage exchange someone said that she feels high, trippy, spacy.

Just looking at her I could see that she was in an expanded state of consciousness. There was a glow of joy, of peace, a radiance that was palpable.


Over the years of doing and teaching massage, something has emerged that’s given me a different perspective on massage and touch.


So much has been written on the power of touch, how important it is for all of us, vital in fact, for our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our energy. We need touch for every aspect of health.

When we start exploring energy, deeper states of pleasure, our bodies, sensation, we come to see the limitless possibilities of the world of touch.

I’ve been doing and teaching massage for over 25 years and I’ve come to see how vast the possibilities are.

Over the past months I’ve been able to bring some different ways of massaging and touching together in a whole new expression of this art. This has opened new doors of experimenting and exploring, which excites me deeply.


That was a small digression…

So much has been written on the importance of receiving touch.

I’ve come to see how much there is in giving touch, how important that is and the gifts it has for us.


A long time back I became aware of how much people on healing and growth journeys were experiencing from learning and doing massage.

They became so aware of their own bodies, of how they moved, what was tight and stiff and rigid.

They became aware of what didn’t flow.

They became aware of how they touched, how open they were, or not.

They became aware of where and how and why they withheld themselves from intimacy and connection.

They became aware of when they were conscious and present, and how often, and how quickly, they were not.

They became aware of how accepting, or not, they were, of their own bodies, through touching another.

They became aware of how little sensation they felt.

They became aware of how little pleasure, relaxation, release, softening, they allowed.

And as they went deeper into massage, in giving, learning doing, how these things began to change.


There’s an interesting idea here, how much we can heal and release, how much we can learn about ourselves, how much we can change things within ourselves through giving.

The model I work with is about expanding our energy, connecting more with our hearts, with the field of possibility.

The more we’re in that space, the more changes without us having to do a whole lot other than live in that way.

A digression, of course we look at the issues we have, but if that’s all we do, we get stuck in the rabbit hole of pain, rather than the possibility of how we truly are, in brief, very brief.

In the space and practice of giving, we connect more with our hearts, more with intimacy. We soften ourselves, we soften into the energy of connecting. This connects us more with Life. This expands our energy. This is where so much healing happens.

This is where healing becomes growth, becomes expansion, becomes connection, becomes inspiration, becomes creation.


I’ve also seen how we can use Massage as a way of meditation.

Firstly, quieting the mind is such a hard thing for so many, and even more so as we live in an over stimulated world.

Meditating in the body, with the body, through the body takes us out of the mind.

Secondly, there is such wisdom in the body, in our senses, in that space we can connect with and experience that wisdom.

Very slow touch takes us into that meditative space, into the stillness of being, into that inner quiet.

Which once again, becomes a way for us to access more of ourselves.


One of the things emerging from the months of pandemic is the depression so many people are experiencing.

This is impacting deeply on so many of our lives, our bodies, our hearts, our health, our relationships, our sexuality, our work and our energy.

It’s draining, sapping, debilitating.

The loneliness and isolation adds to it, exacerbates it.

Learning and doing, giving massage, of course as well as receiving, becomes such a beautiful and powerful and natural way to shift the energy of depression, through connection.


Whether it’s a high, whether it’s an expanded state of awareness, whether it’s a deep meditation, whether it’s stillness and quiet, and it will be different every time.

It’s about an intimacy with ourselves, a connection with ourselves.

Connecting with another, and that deepening the intimacy with ourselves, taking us deeper inside.

And that’s where it all happens.


This is not technique massage, it’s not step 1, step2 step 3, it’s not a set sequence.

It’s touching from the heart, and allowing that to guide us, which takes us into our own heart space.

It’s following an inspiration, an intuition, a listening, which allows us to do more of that in life.

And of course in this deep giving there is deep receiving.


The more we do this the more we see what it does for us, all of us involved.

It’s expanding awareness through pleasure, through sensation, through connection.

It’s a space of limitless possibility.

And such love.

s year.