The Mystery Journey


One of the most fascinating things about a journey of sexual and sensual healing is that we have no idea of what we’re going to be, who we’re going to be, what we’re going to find on the way and what it, our sexuality, our relationships, pleasure and life are going to look like.

This is mostly because our sexuality is such a stranger to us. Our pleasure being is largely unknown.

We may know many of our emotional states, and know them well, our anger, our insecurity, our loneliness, our anxiety, our hurt etc. We’ve spent time with them, we’ve developed a relationship with them.

We don’t know our sexuality in the same way. And often what we know of our sexuality are the contractive elements. We know our guilt, we know our shame, we know our inhibitions, we know our fears, we know our past hurts. We know the times we didn’t want to have sex and we did, for reasons that were not expansive. We know the times we didn’t have sex and we wanted to. We know the fear of rejection and judgement. We know the disconnect from our bodies and from our genitals. We know these well.

What we don’t know is the power of pleasure, the beauty of pleasure, the fullness of pleasure. We don’t know how our sexuality connects to all of us. We don’t know the connection between sexuality and creativity. We don’t know the energy of sex. We don’t know how our sexuality and spirituality are connected. We don’t know how much pleasure we can have, how much intimacy, love and joy we can feel. These are our strangers, these are the elements of ourselves that we don’t know.

So we enter a journey of mystery, often prompted by a level of hurt, failed relationships, sexually unfulfilled, frustrated and angry, confused and disconnected.
We don’t know the paths this journey will take us down. We don’t know the depths within us that will be revealed. We don’t know the elements of arousal that will show themselves. We don’t know the fire that will be ignited, the passion that will burn, the power that will awaken. We don’t know what will awaken with us that needs to be known, nurtured, explored and brought into the light of day.

We don’t always know that our sexuality is simply a portal for a deeper journey, into our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, into the energy of life, our vitality and being. We don’t know the keys it holds to freedom, the clues to power. We don’t know too much about the connection between sex and love. And we don’t want to look too closely at the labels and limitations we’ve put on ourselves.

We don’t see that a journey into our sexuality is a journey into the light and dark of ourselves, into the paradox of being human, body and energy. We don’t see that it’s more about experience than answers. we don’t see that’s about being.

It takes courage to enter into such a journey.
Are you ready? Are you ready to know yourself, to know another? Are you ready to be vulnerable, revealed, beautiful, strong, trembling, powerful, open?

If so, welcome…