The Mystery of Yoni Gazing



I love women, I worship Yoni.


There is something I have learned about mystery.

There’s an inner knowing, an understanding that goes beyond words.

It’s nameless.

It has no limits.

There is an intimacy with mystery, with the mystery that draws you, and it’s different for each of us.

And when it draws you, when it reaches into you, into your body, into your heart, into your very soul, when it sings a song that something indefinable inside of you knows, you listen.


In Yoni I see beauty beyond words.

I see mystery.

I see the world, creation.

In every fold, every ridge, every curve, I see life.

This practice of Yoni Gazing is a practice of worship, of adoration, of love, of meditation, of pleasure, of acknowledgment, of presence, of intimacy, and of what you bring to the practice.

It’s a sacred practice.

It’s an advanced practice, and many things make it so.

One of them is learning to look with your heart, with your whole body, with your entire being.

This on its own is a journey.

One of them is presence

This on its own is a journey.

One of them is stillness, a stillness so deep that you don’t cause a ripple in the fabric of the moment.

That on its own is a journey.

One of them is patience. A patience to go deep, a patience that allows you to be immersed, and that allows you to be with what emerges.

That on its own is a journey.


You’ll do this in whatever way you choose, from where you are. Gazing with your heart, with the intention of making this practice a prayer, of seeing the fullness of her being, of seeing that her yoni is a portal is different to looking just with your eyes.


Create a space for the practice, a sanctuary.

It’s warm, it’s comfortable, it has the objects that are important to you. There may be music, there may be silence. There may be flowers. There may be gifts.


You come into the space with your lover.

You greet each other as lovers, all else is left behind.

Sit opposite each other.

Look into each other’s eyes.


Bring your hands to your Heart Centre, as she does the same.

Acknowledge each other with your words.

Lean into each other, your foreheads touch.

Feel the connection.


Slowly move apart.


Disrobe in whatever way you choose.

Lay your lover down, make her comfortable.

Sit between her legs.

Make yourself comfortable, be in a position you can stay in, you can relax in, you can be present in.

Place your hands on her heart.

Feel her skin, the warmth.


Allow your hands to sink into her skin, the boundary between her body and your hands melt.


Raise your hands from her body.

Bring your gaze to her Yoni.

Look from your heart, look from your body, look from everything you are.

Look at every fold of her Yoni, every curve, every ridge, every rise, every swelling, every whorl.

Move your eyes slowly.

Look from your heart with a presence that she feels within her.

Gaze upon the beauty before you, the mystery.


This gaze opens the possibility of her being received, being seen, being felt in a way beyond words.

In the openness, in the intimacy, she’ll feel you, she’ll know you.


There is healing in this, for men and women. In this space of deep acknowledgement we’re able to release so much guilt and shame, we’re able to be in a space of desire and expand that into love in a way we may never have felt before. We’re seen, both of us, in a sense of masculine and feminine that is an expression of the purity of the moment, holding, being held, with nothing more needed.


Spend as long as you need.

In this eternal moment.