The Mystical Dance of Pleasure



There is a mystical dance of movement and stillness.

It is the dance of the cosmos.

It is the dance of life.

It’s in our breath, it’s in our body.

It’s in the beat of our heart.

It’s in the oceans tide.

The stillness gives birth to the movement, the movement comes to rest in the stillness.

In between is the space.

In between our in breath and out breath there is space.

In between my eyes looking at your beauty and my heart feeling it, there is space.

This dance has a rhythm, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

There is always movement, there is always stillness.


In our body, in our pleasure, in our intimacy, we can experience this dance.


The beginning is the awareness.

The awareness that we are coming together as expressions of life in pleasure.

From the awareness the energy flows.

The energy is in our look, in our touch, our kiss, our caress, our stroke.

The energy is in the scent of you I inhale and the aroma of your body.

In the stillness in between breaths is the awareness.

The awareness that we come together in this moment as expressions of the divine.

The awareness that we come together to express bliss.


Look at your lover and pause.

Touch your lover, feel their skin, feel their body, feel what’s beneath their skin and pause.

In the pause is the space, the awareness, the stillness.

Each pause takes you deeper.

Kiss your lover, taste their mouth.

Lick their skin.

Taste their skin on your tongue.

Taste the nectar of their desire.

And pause, let that sink in to you, settle in a deeper place.

Move inside your lover, open yourself to your lover, take them in.

Pause in stillness.

In the pause you’ll feel.

Penetrate deeper, open more.

Pause, be still, breathe.

In the stillness is a letting go that allows you to go deeper.

Move together in this dance of pleasure.

Pause, to breathe, to feel, to open, to dissolve.

Move in this dance of cosmic rhythm.

Let pleasure become bliss become ecstasy.

We dance in the cosmic ocean.

We move, we pause to melt deeper into ourselves, into each other, into life.

Our dance of pleasure is the dance of life expressed through our bodies, expressed in sensation, in awareness, in energy.

The slowness of our movement opens our bodies

The slowness allows us to feel the throb, the pulsation.

The slowness drops us into presence, the presence of pleasure.


And we drift, we drift in this field of being, the joy of our bodies, the celebration of love.

The waves of the orgasmic field wash over us, around us, through us.

In infinite possibility.