The Mystical Power of Slow Touch



There is a mystical secret that masters of touch know.

It’s simple, so simple that it’s often overlooked because of that.

It requires presence, awareness, connection and concentration. It comes from a place inside that knows that sensation is without limits, without boundaries. That there are endless layers to explore and experience. That there is subtlety and nuance beyond what we mostly allow ourselves to feel.

It requires a different language. The sensual vocabulary we have is too general. It becomes its own language, a language of energy and knowing. It’s felt through the touch, through the point of contact being the point of consciousness. It’s about a conversation that is silent, yet filled with knowing.

It speaks from the heart, it listens with the heart.

Every conversation is a meditation and a prayer.

It’s beyond the mind, beyond thought.

It’s a communion with the perception that a hand on skin is a portal that opens to go deep within, into the secret places of the body, of the being.

It seeks not to decipher, simply to feel.

There’s a knowing in this feeling, a knowing that can never be spoken, never be named.

It’s mystical.


That’s it.

Slowly, slowly, slower, and even slower.

The slower the touch, the slower the mind becomes.

The slower the touch, the deeper the feeling.

The slower the touch, the greater the intimacy.

The slower the touch, the deeper the sigh of surrender.

The slower the touch, the deeper the opening.

The slower the touch, the more intense the sensation.


It requires awareness to stay in that space.

It calls on you both to surrender.

It takes you into yourself, giving and receiving, deeply into yourself.

It shows you how willing you are to let go.

It shows you where you block the flow, where you hold yourself back.

It shows you where you struggle and wrestle with yourself.

And in your breath, in your connection with your heart, with your hand, in your tears, it takes you to places within where all life flows through you in that moment.

It takes you beyond your body.


Slow, so slow, and then slower still.

So simple…