The Orgasmic Field


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One of the reasons we seek orgasms is that just for a moment, brief as it may be, it totally takes us out of ourselves.
We get out of our minds, and sometimes even in higher orgasmic experiences, out of our bodies totally. In these higher states we go into our hearts, into soul space, energy space. A space that connects us to something more than who we are. Whether we acknowledge the spiritual aspect of sexuality or not, whether we acknowledge sex as an energy experience or not, this is what orgasm gives us.
The deeper we go into sexuality, into sexual energy, the more we can access this Orgasmic Field.
This is the Field of Creation, The Field of Manifestation. It’s The Field of Healing and Release, of Regeneration, it’s The Field of Knowing, The Field of Understanding. It’s The Field of Connection. It’s The Field of Consciousness. It’s The Field of Possibility.
Every time we have an orgasm, we are, for the briefest of time, in this field.
The more time we can spend in this field the more we can access the gifts from it.
And more…
But the energy of The Orgasmic Field is strong, too strong to spend too much time in it. That’s one of the reasons our orgasms are short-lived. And of a gentle intensity that takes us to the outer edge of the field. And occasionally we have an orgasm that takes us a little deeper. We know, oh do we know when this happens. Every cell in our body knows it. Every fibre of our being knows it. Every energy system we have knows it.
But we can learn.We can raise our energy, raise our frequency to be able to spend more time in The Orgasmic Field.
And one of the most beautiful and powerful ways to make that possible is The Expanded Orgasmic Wave. It fills our bodies with Sexual Energy, taking us deeper into the field. And as we can hold more of the energy, we go deeper into it. We go beyond the edges of what we know. We feel the ripples take us to a new place, a landscape we know but don’t recognise. We know it because it’s the land of the soul, land of the heart. We don’t recognise it because we’ve become strangers to it. The ripples become waves, and we go deeper into The Orgasmic Field.


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