The Path of Sensual Surrender





After doing and teaching, and receiving (not nearly enough), massage, so many different expressions, for over 25 years, I’ve seen how the body, the touch is a beautiful path to surrender.

On many paths we talk about the power of surrender.

Being deeply present in our body allows us to be in the experience, in the feeling, in the sensation.

We drop through the layers of the mind, the layers of thought.

We relax.

It’s something simple we often overlook on the path to surrender.

Deep relaxation, deep release, deep surrender.

The touch, a slow touch, so slow, a gentle touch, softens us.

The softening of the body drops our masks, drops our armour, we drop through deeper layers.

The softening of the body drops us out of thought loops, thought patterns.

We drift into space, beyond the boundaries of the body, we melt into the space around us.

We slow down, slow down, slow down to the timeless.

The body, the touch is a path to surrender.

It’s a path of the heart.

A path we follow from love, with love, for love.

It’s a path of love for ourselves.

It’s a path that honors this Divine body.

It’s a path that knows the sacredness of our sensual being.

It’s a path that knows the energy of pleasure, directed from the heart, to the heart, to life.

It’s a path of vitality, of life force.

It’s a path of sacred intimacy.

The body, the touch is a path to surrender.

A path of limitless possibility.

Come and experience, come and learn.