The Penetration of Fire



I recently shared a piece called Penetration of the Heart.

If you haven’t read it, it’s on my page.

I shared how when it comes to penetration, most people have what we call friction sex.

Skin rubbing against skin, friction.

It’s not very conscious.

It’s about building up enough sensation to have an orgasm, a contractive, explosive orgasm.

There’s an art of penetration that can deepen the experience incredibly for both partners.

It’s more about energy.

About exploring sensation.

About an intimacy, which is often lacking in friction sex.

About the portal the energy opens to deeper states of awareness.

The Penetration of Fire is part of this art.

For many men the model of fire sex is hard sex.

And it’s based on, comes from, a porn model of sex.

It’s about being a jackhammer, a pile driver.

How hard, how fast.

Friction, more friction.

It’s using someone else’s body to masturbate.

And it’s empty.

Because there’s no heart in it.

To be clear, deep, hard sex can be amazing. The primal energy, coming from deep inside. Reaches deep, takes us deep.

In its authentic expression it comes from the heart.

The fire needs heart.

That’s what gives it substance, fills it.

The passion is from the heart.

The energy is from the heart.

The growl is from the heart.

The fire within the fire.

It begins as does the Penetration of the Heart.

Breathe into your heart.

Breathe into your Lingam.

Feel the energy flow between them.

Inside your lover.

Withdraw so just the head of your Lingam inside her.

Gather your energy.

Gather your energy.

Gather it into your heart, into your Lingam.

Feel the fire inside of you.

And then…

One stroke, so deep, so fast, so hard.

Breathe, growl, your energy into your lover.

One stroke.

And stop.


So still.


A wave of fire moves through your lover.

To her heart.

Filling her body, every cell, with fire.


And again.

Just inside of her.

Gather your energy.


Total presence in your body, in your heart, in your sex, in your breath, in your voice, in your passion.

In your eyes.

She’ll see it.

It’s unmistakable.

Gather your energy.

One stroke, so deep.


Feel the wave move through you both.

It’s from your core.

The core of your heart.

The core of your Lingam.

Penetration of Fire.