The Place of Pleasure





For many of us pleasure is way down the list of what’s important.

And I’m not talking about sex and orgasm.

I’m talking about pleasure, the energy that vibrates in every cell in our bodies. The energy of life-force. The energy of creativity. The energy of Divine life. The energy of intimacy with ourselves. The energy of love.

Conscious pleasure.

An expanded state of being.

An open heart.

In the body, deep in the body.

Pulsating with desire.

For life.



Sex is easy, orgasms for many of us, easy.

Pleasure is something else.


Pleasure, and deep, high pleasure takes time.

There’s a commitment to ourselves in this, to our bodies, our hearts, our spirits.

There’s a commitment to our health, which pleasure is a part of in so many ways.

There’s a commitment to presence, as pleasure brings us into the embodied presence of being in our bodies.

There’s a commitment to vitality, to aliveness, which is what pleasure brings.

There’s a commitment to ourselves in the peace, inner peace, that pleasure brings.

There’s a commitment to ourselves in the stillness this pleasure brings. And in the stillness is where we feel, hear, sense, the pulse of life. In the stillness we hear our heart. In the stillness the deeper parts of our being rise to meet us. In the stillness we have the awareness of spirit.

There’s a commitment to ourselves in pleasure.


We discover ourselves in pleasure.

We open to exploring, to discovering, ourselves, in greater openness.

In pleasure we find the paths that take us into ourselves, into our dark, into our light.

We discover parts of ourselves that we’ve often never allowed ourselves to see, express and experience.

We find freedom, in pleasure.


Pleasure is a path of enquiry, of personal awareness, of inner knowing, of revealing, ourselves to ourselves.

For in the quiet, in the stillness, we hear the whisper.

In pleasure we become open, vulnerable, to ourselves.


And in that vulnerability, that openness, that softness, pleasure becomes healing.

Healing, in the release that comes.

Healing, in us feeling more whole, connected, more of our essence.


Then pleasure expands into creativity, vitality.

In all areas of life.

It becomes a meditation of the body.

It becomes worship and prayer, sacred pleasure, in this sacred body.


And there is the absolute delicious, delight, wonder, limitless possibilities of pleasure, and the way we feel in that space.

The sensation.

The energy.



We put pleasure way down on the list.

It’s a commitment to ourselves in so many ways.

To all that we are.

It’s loving ourselves, making love with ourselves.

Giving ourselves the time, because it takes time for deep pleasure.

Time for our bodies to relax, time for our bodies to soften, time for our bodies to open, time for the energy to build, time for the pleasure to fill us. And then time for the wave of pleasure to take us on the journey it has for us today.

And time for it to settle.


These are the words of a student I’ve shared a journey with, an explorer, a discoverer…

‘I can relate to the life of disconnect from the self in the pursuit of the ‘external goals’ we are seduced into seeking.  When one knows the self intimately, through pleasure, the emphasis is diverted to honouring/knowing the self. The external pursuits may be radically different and the world a better place.’


Touch is one of the ways we experience pleasure.

And in my world, we go deeper into this wonder-full, beauty-full, experience of possibility in many ways.

And it’s here for you.